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Today we will cover the world’s most popular and most useable mobile operating system. Yes, you are right. I am talking about the Android operating system.

We are seeing the complete developing process. Including features, history, and each or everything. So, let’s start.

Android Operating System

The android operating system is a popular operating system in the world. Over 70% of the world’s mobile phones use android OS.

It is an open-source and Linux-based operating system. In the developing process, Google and Open Handset Alliance are on top. Programming languages are Java, C, and C++, and many others are used.

Since 2013, android OS is the best-selling operating system worldwide. It is also used on tablets computer since 2013.

Over billions of active Android users every month. The latest version of android is android OS 11. It is released in September 2020.

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History of Android Operating System

In our previous article about mobile operating systems. We have covered the generation of the mobile operating system.

Now, we see the history of the revolution of the android operating system.

In the early days, Android faces a lot of difficulties about to run the project. The project of Android was described by Rubin. But because of no investment, work is still in the hang.

A close friend of Andy Rubin, named Steve Perlman, brought him $10,000 as seed funding. Android was introduced in California in October 2003.

In 2005, Rubin tried to deal with Samsung. In this year, in July, Google buy the company for $50 million at least. The key employees of Android also joined Google. This was the Google best deal ever.

In 2007, Android decide to change its product. Google change their device specification and also touch screen supported.

After this, Android has several updates, which improved the operating system more. New features added and bug fixed.

In 2007, Google introduce a new series of devices. This series of software plays a vital role in the history of android.

These devices introduce a new series of software and also hardware standards.

Features of Android OS

Now we will see some common features of the android operating system. It is not necessary that all these features are available on all devices.


Many mobile apps are preinstalled in android. Like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, etc. applications are used to extend the functionality. These are used in different work and help us to complete our work. For example, Gmail is a fast medium to communicate and share things with people.

These applications are written in different programming languages.

Nowadays, android is improved its functionality by supporting third-party applications. Users can download applications from the google play store. And use them according to their needs.

Memory and File Management

Documents are help users manage their files. We can download and access them from the sections of the document.

The functionalities in android shut down useless applications when memory is low. The applications, that are stored in mobile memory, are not in use. Android closes them. Because of this, the system works.

User Interface

The interface of the Android operating system is easy to use. Different functions like touch, scroll, back or forward, etc.Other controllers like games and keyboards are using USB or Bluetooth.

Other user interfaces like the home screen, status bar, notification bar, navigation buttons. All are included in the user interface.

The home screen in android OS is made up of icons and widgets. It may be made up of different pages. The third-party apps are available on the google play store that re-theme the home screen.

The status bar, on top of the screen. Showing information about the device and its connectivity.

Android OS Names

The first version of android OS has no name. Android starts to give the code name to their devices from version 1.5. Here we write the version and name of android OS.

VersionCode Name
2.0 – 2.1Éclair
2.2 ­– 2.2.3Froyo
2.3 – 2.3.7Gingerbread
3.0 – 3.2.6Honey Comb
4.0 – 4.0.4Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1 – 4.3.1Jelly Bean
4.4 – 4.4.4Kit Kat
5.0 – 5.1.1Lollipop
6.0 – 6.0.1Marshmallow
7.1.0 – 7.1.2Nougat
10.0Android 10
11Android 11


Android is a Linux-based operating system. We have cleared the history and versions of Android already. The android operating system hit the market first time in 2008. After that, it beat all its competitors.

And now after ten to twelve years, it’s a most popular operating system in the world.

Most of the android applications are made in Java. Java play the important role in the development process of android.

These days, other programming languages like Kotlin. Also used in android application development.

Developing Android applications, we can use android studio and other developing environments. These IDE are copied from developers’ sites.

You can also use an android emulator to test or run android applications. Android emulator is like android we use it in our system like computer or laptop.

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Privacy and Security

The Android security team formed by Google. Also, the Android partner vulnerability initiative in 2020.

In September 2013, it was revealed. That the American and British Intelligence have access to the user data. They are able to read all smartphone data. Also, they are able to access the user’s location.

After this, in January 2014, another report revealed. That agency was also able to access the user’s personal data that was share on social media.

All information and documents were published on WikiLeaks.

Common Threats

Researches reveal the report about a common type of malware. In which messages sent from an infected user’s mobile phone without the knowledge of the user.Another type of malware. That was shows advertisements on the user screen and sent personal data to third parties.

Security threats are increasing day by day. Google work on it. He also argues that the malware and virus on android are amplify by security companies.

In August 2015, the devices on the google Nexus series received security updates. The devices that are old, not received any updates.Google suggests their users update their devices. So they can also receive security updates.

Android use sandbox, in which applications run. Other processes are not entered in the sandbox until the user gives permission.

Google uses a Bounce malware scanner to scan the applications. In November 2012, the “Verify app” feature introduced. This verified app is from the google play store.

Latest Android Operating System

The new android version was release in September 2020. Android launches a new version every year, but it is not necessary.

There are many new features introduced in android’s latest version.

You can manage all your conversions on your screen. Also, reply even the screen is off. Built-in screen recorder added. You can record on your screen what you do. You can control all your connected devices on one spot and manage them in one place.

These and many other features included in this version. You can see more about updates from android’s own website.


In this article, we cover all important topics. History, features, name, and the new updates.


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