How to Clean Flat Screen TV Without streaks

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How to clean flat-screen TV without streaks? This question always comes to mind when we watch TV at our home with family. Everyone faces this problem many times in life. So this is important to have a severe solution that helps you to clean a flat TV screen without streaks.

Television is one of the best sources of visual entertainment. When free, you need a little entertainment with your family at home. So the best source of that entertainment is TV. Also nowadays to be aware of current affairs of country or whole world, TV is the best news source. Some steps and instructions that will help you clear your TV screen.

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How to Clean Flat Screen TV without Streaks

Some useful methods here that need to discuss before any other tricks.

  • Turn off your TV.
  • Clean your TV screen dust with a soft microfiber cloth.
  • Wet microfiber cloth with clean water.
  • Dry that cloth, now wipes the TV screen with that clean and dry cloth.
  • Use spray vinegar if there are any smudges on the cloth.

This is basics. There are lots of other methods which you read step by step. You can read all this and see what method is best for your TV screen.

Consult the User Manual

Every TV screen has different models. The manufacturer’s best guide about the cleaning of that TV screen. That’s why it is always recommended to consult the user manual. Before cleaning your TV screen without streaks.

You can also check the model of your TV online. After that, you can give a recommendation from any consultant. This is important because sometimes you use tricks or techniques to clean the screen. And that is harmful or a reason to fuse some inside screen.

After this important recommendation. Now we can see the important trick to cleaning TV screens.

Important Things

As you read above the basics to clean your TV screen. I also add some more important factors. You can keep this in mind before cleaning it.

  • Always turn off the TV and let cool down.
  • Don’t use the cloth piece that will harm the screen, also don’t use a paper towel. Always use soft fibre cloth.
  • Don’t use the shower.
  • Always use the best solution to clean the TV screen. Following are some of them you can apply.
  • If there are cleaning guidelines, must read them, otherwise, contact manufacturers.

Simple Dust

Our TV room or guest room is open always. The dirt or dust from outside makes the TV screen dirty. To become a clean TV screen first need to clean the dust. Give a piece of cloth. It is a microfiber cloth or any other soft cloth piece. You can clean all the screens and all corners.

Clean with Isopropyl Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol has the quality to clean a flat TV screen without any steaks. The method is simple here. You can mix an equal amount of isopropyl alcohol and water. If you use only isopropyl alcohol then also good. There is no worry only to use isopropyl.

Next keep a soft piece of cloth and wept it in isopropyl cloth. Clean your TV screen. After that use water to clean the acid on the screen. In last, use a dry cloth and clean your TV screen. Here we go, now you can see your TV without facing any distractions.

Use Dish Soap to Clean TV Screen

Another best method is to use dish soap to clean your flat TV screen. This method is also recommended by many TV brands. But beware to use so much soap that makes bubbles. Use less quantity of soap, and use a clean and soft piece of cloth. Clean your TV screen and again all the process is the same.

Use Electronic Duster to Clean TV Screen

Sometimes a microfiber cloth also damages the TV screen. The best alternative to soft microfiber cloth pieces is an electronic duster. An electronic duster collects all dust from the screen. And that cleans the flat TV screen without streaks.

Can Windex be Helpful to Clean TV Screen

This method can’t recommended ever or ever on any type of TV screen. This can happen serious damage to the screen. The chemicals used in Windex that help to clean the window screen are harmful to the TV screen.


These are a few methods to clean a flat TV screen without streaks. The instructions must be follow when you start cleaning the TV screen. Like, shut down the TV 20 to 30 minutes before. Use a clean piece of cloth to clean the dust. And the most crucial advice is always to give instructions to your TV manufacturer. Because they know well about the TV screen and its model. Thank you.


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