How to Become an Ethical Hacker without a Degree

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Hackers! The anonymous! The stealers! How to become a hacker? How to become an ethical hacker? Who are hackers? And who are ethical hackers? Who are good hackers, and who are evil hackers? Also, the vital question that every student has is his mind. How to become an ethical hacker without a degree?

Are you curious to read about this topic? Yeah! I know you are. Today our topic is engaging. In this article, you read how to become an ethical hacker. Today your concepts about hacking and hackers are clear. Continue reading.

Who are Hackers?

Hacker are someone who have unauthorized and allow access of other systems. The term unauthorized is valid for hackers, but the question here is, why I use allow. These are two types of hackers, good hackers and bad hackers.

How these good and bad hackers’ works? This question will be clear in next paragraphs. So please continue reading.

How to Become a Hacker

To become a hacker, you have good industry research and have a high level practical knowledge. The hacking is not like before 20 or 30 years ago. Or not like you see in Mr. Robot and other series.

  • Hackers are well researched.
  • Hacker always think out of the box.
  • They well aware about every new technology.
  • They know how things work in their area of interest.
  • They also well aware about all hacking terms and their techniques.
  • They know how tools work.
  • They are computer programmer or not. It’s not important.
  • They know phishing. (Read about this next)
  • They know social engineering. (Read about next)

This is not end here. You know every step and must be aware from it. In next paragraphs, you read about ethical hackers. Also types of hackers and hacking phases.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

Good hackers known as ethical hackers. Good means, the people who are working for company as an employer to solve people’s problems. Hackers or computer programmers are problem solver. Computer programmer solve problems by code and hackers solve problem by their mind. That’s why I say, hacker always think out of the box.

To become ethical hacker, you have two ways. Get certification from famous firms. After that a good internship from a good cyber security company. Otherwise get a university degree by doing BS-4 year’s program in cyber security.

Because our main focus is how to become an ethical hacker without a degree. So in this article we go with basics to advance without degree.

Types of Hackers

3 main types of hackers.

  • White hat hackers
  • Black hat hackers
  • Gray hat hackers

You can read about all these three types of hackers. Also you read more types of hackers, which are not but we also listed them.

White Hat Hackers

Hackers or group of hackers who are provide solution. They secure their customer systems from evil or bad hackers. Customers give them access to their system so they can work. First they clean the whole system by malicious files. Then install antivirus to protect systems form next hack.

Because they help people to protect their privacy and security. So known as ethical hacker or white hat hacker.

Black Hat Hackers

The people who hack for fun or for fame called black hat hackers. Black hat hackers give unauthorized access to other system and make them victim. The job of white hack hackers, to safe their customer computer from these black hat hackers.

Gray Hat Hackers

Some hackers divided between black hat and white hack. They work for a company to protect their network. At the same time they hack someone for fun. They known as gray hat hackers.

Now you can read some other important types of hackers.

Elite hackers

This is one of the genius people groups of hackers. They are well aware and know how to research and how things work.

Script Kidde

The people with now experience in hacking but copy paste. They copy other hacker’s tools and codes and try to hack systems.


The group of hackers work for some special purpose. This is whatever, to send or receive messages. They work for political and religious purposes.

Nation State

This is intelligence agencies groups. They work for their country to protect them from cyber war or any other criminals.

Steps of how to become an Ethical Hacking

This is important part of this article. After getting know of hacking. It’s important to know about phases to recover victim computer.

  • Foot Printing or Information Gathering
  • Scanning
  • Gain Access
  • Maintaining Access
  • Covering tracks and Set back doors

Foot Printing or Information Gathering

This is first step of ethical hacking, and total based on research. In this phase, hacker research and gather all possible information of his victim. Hacker use different technique to gather information. He collect all information weather it is important or not.


After gathering all possible information, next step to scan all these information. Hacker see what possible ways he use to access victim machine. During this step, hacker will markup and write all important things.

Gaining Access

Use the above gathered information and after scan them. Hacker at least found something important that he use to access victim machine.

Maintaining Access

Once hacker access the victim computer or network. Then he import malicious code in it to maintain access. He can hack all other machines that connected with network. Hacker import backdoors that help him to gain access again and again.

Covering Tracks

Now this is last and quick turn by hacker. In this step hack cover and erase all evidence that make victim suspicious. He close all ports and done all network so victim think all is ok.

These are five and important parts of ethical hacking. All hackers use these step to hack someone or good hackers follow these steps to recover them.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker without a Degree

Universities give degree on ethical hacking and cyber security. If you’re willing to become an ethical hacker. Then you continue your degree in ethical hacking after 12th.

Suppose you don’t want to get a degree from the university. Then there are many big companies like CISCOetc. That gives online certificates of ethical hacking. These help you to get your future job in any good company as an ethical hacker.

Future of Ethical Hacking

Bright future in ethical hacking now and still after 10 or 20 years. Because now technology at its boom. Every one want a secure network. Because all the data is online so the demand of hackers in market increase every day.


If you want to become a hacker, then ethical hacking is best field for you. It has great potential in future. Your future will be safe in this field.

In this guide you read how to become an ethical hacker without a degree. This guide also include types of hackers and phases or steps of hacking. Comment below if you have any query and question about this topic. Thank you.


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