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How to become a web developer without a degree? When you read the last article about becoming a computer programmer. This question comes to mind. You understand the complete process of learning to code and earn from it. But as there are hundreds of programming languages on the market. You are confuse and stuck there.

We decide to write one by one on all high-paying programming languages. When we complete this series, you can choose one skill as a career. These are skills we write on it are high paying in the market. One of them that will also be easy is the web development or web developer role.

What is a Web or Website?

Before turning to the main topic, there are some basic terms that need to be clear. These will help you more in your future or in your interview as a web developer.

Everyone knows about the web, WWW or World Wide Web also known as web. Web based on different complex networks. And websites interconnected with each other using internet.

Website is set of different web pages. There are different types of websites perform different work. Or you say that, built to perform different works. This website, from you read this article is blog type website. Others types are, business website, ecommerce websites, real estate websites etc.

How Website works?

A developer builds a website and hosts it on the internet using web hosting. When you want to access any information, you give help from the browser. Type keyword in the browser. That sends an HTTP request to the database. Then database fetches information from its data server. And show you the information in the browser. It is how a website works.

Domain Name and Hosting

Another important terms that you hear when entered in web development field.

Domain name is specific name of website. That you buy from different platforms on internet. It is readable form of your website IP address. Also a destination address of your website. Like is my website domain name or address. When you enter it in browser you see my website. Same is also a domain name.

When you build a website, you want to need its specific name that’s called domain name. Same, you want people in all over world access your website any time. So you buy web hosting from different companies on internet.

Web hosting or web host is a place where you host your website. People all over the world then access your websites using Web or internet.

Frontend and Backend

The basic term you can here in this field is frontend and backend.

Frontend means the theme of website or front look of website. Also frontend is user experience. The people work on it known as frontend developer and web designer.

Backend means the backend of website. Means database and related things. People work on it known as backend developer.

Those who are professional of both frontend and backend called web developer. That’s why web development is high paying job. Because only one person can manage all things that one wants. How one person manage all things? In this article we also give the answer of this question.

Languages used in Web Designing

You read what is frontend and jobs of frontend developers. But the question is what criteria is to become a frontend developer or web designer. Simple, learn the languages that use in frontend, professional on them. You see there is lots of people in market who say they are professional in web designing. But, there are few of them. And hope your one of them.

To become a frontend developer or web designing. You start from basics. First learn these three.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS

HTML is hypertext markup language. It’s used to make structure of website. CSS is cascading stylesheet, which used for design the HTML structure. JS or java script used to enhance the functionality of website at frontend.

These are the basics there that must learn at start. There are many JS libraries and frameworks use in frontend or web designing. That increase the better user experience. Following some important frameworks and libraries that used most.

  • JQuery
  • Vue JS
  • React JS

How much time takes to be web designer?

It’s all depends on your willing and practice. But in my experience it takes max three months to be a web designer.

Languages used in backend

Backend development is also a crucial part of website. In this section, you learn how you connect the front end of the website with a database. Using different programming languages. These most use programming languages in backend are following.

  • PHP
  • SQL
  • Angular JS
  • Java
  • Python
  • C#

But the best and famous languages are PHP and SQL. PHP or hypertext preprocessor is a programming language that use 70 to 75% of websites in the world. SQL or structure query languages help PHP to connect frontend with backend.

How much time takes backend

As well as you are expert in web designing and you learn HTML CSS and JS or other JS frameworks. Backend don’t bother you most. In three to four months you are web developer. But its again all depend on your practice and willing.

How to Become a Web Developer

When you learn and practice both frontend and backend of websites. You are then a web developer. Then you know all about web development. Industry and market experience makes you a good developer. In next paragraphs we also guide you how you start your career as a web developer and earn your first $. First it’s important to discuss on scope and future of this skill.

Scope of web development

Scope is how much potential in specific field or in specific skill. Web development is high potential skill. It is one of the highest paying skill in market. That’s the reason we listed it first to discuss in context of computer programmer. The scope and potential you see when you enter in this field.

Future of web development

According to different researches of different companies, from 2019 to 2029. The jobs of web development increase from 10 to 30%. That’s what the future of web development is. The future is bright. It’s all depend on your professionalism and practice. You need lots of practice to become a master and professional developer in your field.

Jobs of web development

There is high potential in internet market of web development jobs. It’s on you how you want to do work. In the beginning we recommend work with a senior developer. Senior developer guide you and you learn lot from him.

The industry and market experience given from a senior developer. How you win a high paying job, how communicate with you client, how submit work. All these queries solved by your master.

After a good market experience. You have choices, either work with any software house who pay you good. Or you can work from home by using internet. There are hundreds of internet platforms, where you registered yourself and find jobs. Again it’s on you how to go with it.


Hope the question, how to become a web developer without a degree is solve. Actually there is no need of degree for a web developer. But important to give you a complete road map that’s make you a high paying developer.

The question and queries you comes in your mind after reading this blog. Feel free to enter in comment box below. We will answer them and also put them in our post. Thank you.


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