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If you want to work for people and you feel satisfaction in this work. Now you have a complete career for this. You can please yourself and enjoy a healthy monthly income. The social worker is for you. A social worker has different fields to work within. Also, you can choose one of the fields and work in that field as a professional. But how to become a social worker? Where you can get a degree in social work and a license. This article helps you to choose your career as a social worker. It is a complete guide to becoming a social worker.

What Does a Social Worker Do?

The social worker has different jobs as a worker. They work individual or with groups or with organizations. They help people to organize their lives. Also, help people with their weak health and help them to stable their income.

Social workers research different areas of cities and states. They find people who need food, jobs, and better health facilities. These workers made the voice of these people and help them to go ahead in life.

In different areas of life, social workers have different duties. Psychologists help people to rid of mental health problems. Also, help them to care for their health from other diseases. Same as this, in other fields, social workers do their duties.

How to Become a Social Worker

Here we can provide a complete guide from education to the job. This can help you to become a high-paying social worker who can help people better way.

Graduate Degree Program

Once you decide to choose social work as your career. Now you can get admission to a university in the social work department.

First, go for a bachelor’s in social work. And then graduate in the social work field. If you want a high-paying job in the future these degrees help you. A Master’s in social work also helps you to work with big organizations and social work firms. Your graduation degree also helps you to work at an advanced level. And if you want to go for a master’s program then also a graduate degree helps you.

List of Online Institutes in the USA for Social Working Degree

Here are some important institutes that teach online social working degrees. You can also search about these institutes on the internet. And if you find better from this list, go for that.

  • Howard University
  • Fordham University
  • University of Southern California
  • Baylor University
  • University of Denver
  • Simmons University

Choose a Career in Social Work

There are different types of social workers. You can choose one of them and work in the area of that skill. Here is the complete list of different social working programs.

  • Medical Social Worker
  • Macro Social Worker
  • School Social Worker
  • Clinical Social Worker
  • Family and Adults Social worker
  • Government Social Worker
  • Corporate Social Worker

These are some important areas and fields of social work. Go for one of them and work as a specialist in that field.

Exam for License

To work as a social worker you need a license. This is the certificate for you that you can now work as a social worker. There are different requirements in different countries for a social worker license. Once you complete your studies, apply for a license. If a special exam for a license required, do this and get a license.

Also, there are some different types of licenses. Like, graduates and masters are different licenses according to their degree programs. And every state like in the USA has its own license. So you can proper research to go for a specific state.

Start from Start

After completing your studies, now time to work. You get an experience of social working to work with a small organization. How do your seniors research and how do they manage people? As you work with people, for people, so you can get this skill to how to deal with people.

You can also learn research skills. This is important to do proper research about a family or a person. After a good research, you have enough data to serve someone.

Salary as a Social Worker

In the USA, the job of a social worker starts from $50K. And goes on according to experience and specialization. The salary also depends upon the location. There are different criteria in different states and countries.

How long does it take to be a social worker?

To become a social worker, one can get 4 to 6 years. The four years of bachelor’s program and 2 years of master’s program. Also next depends upon the specialization he chooses for his career.

How do you become a social worker UK?

Every country has its own criteria to do something. In the UK, you can register with social workers of England after your master’s degree. To register with them, you gain experience of how to work in the UK as a social worker.

How to become a social worker without qualifications

As well, this guide is on step by step guide of become a social worker. So we will guide by doing a proper study plan. But how to become a social worker without qualifications? If someone wants to be a social worker but can’t complete his study. That is what path he follows to become a social worker.

To become a social worker, one can need a least of study in graduation. But if you want to go without a degree. Then you work with social work organization to get experience. Also, you do a short diploma so you have a certificate. Applying for a license is also another process. Being a social you have unique skills to serve humanity.

How to become a social worker in Florida

In Florida, you need to complete your license requirements. For this, you must have clinical social work experience. And courses for a license that recommended. Complete your LCSW exams and apply for the license.

The salary of social workers in Florida is $60K+ every year.

How to become a social worker in California

To become a social worker in California, the process is the same as mentioned above. You do some special courses for this. Do some special research. Work with firms to gain experience and apply for the license. For further details about colleges and institutes comment below.


This is a complete guide on how to become a social worker. In this guide, we will also add a list of colleges and to become social workers in different locations. If you have any questions please comment below. Thanks.


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