How to Become a Graphic Designer

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Graphic designing is a creative skill. You must have some important skills which we explain next in this article. The question is how to become a graphic designer. Did you need a degree to be a graphic designer? What important skills do you need to learn as a graphic designer? These are some other important questions that will be explain next.

What is Graphic Designing?

The person who makes visual elements designs the layout of books and magazines. Makes logos and posters as a graphic designer. And this activity called graphic designing.

Graphic designing is not a small or simple skill. It is the name of many skills. You can choose one and work on it until to be a professional. Work and earn and start to learn another skill in graphic designing. For example, in graphic designing, logo making is a skill. And in logo designing, there are hundreds of new ways to learn. This will make you professional with time and practice.

How to Become a Graphic Designer

As a newbie, this question is common. We are confuse about where we start to learn things. People can’t tell real things until you pay them a good amount. But in this article, you can learn real-world things. What matters to become a graphic designer and whatnot? A complete step-by-step guide. Let’s explore the things.

Complete Your Degree

First, complete your post-graduate degree. The important thing is, that the degree is not important. But why do I ask for a degree? Because there are some important skills that you learn from your degree life. When you start your career in a specific degree like computer science. You can start to learn graphic design.

Start to Learn

It’s on you, from where you can start your graphic designing career. It is logo designing, image designing and video editing, poster designing, and others. But start to learn. If you need recommendations, I recommend starting with logo design.

From Where You can learn

YouTube is the best source for learning graphic design. As a beginner, I can’t recommend you to go with paid courses. You need to learn things from YouTube and practice again and again. Practice makes you perfect in your skill. And if you need some kind of course related to your skill in the future, go for it.

How to find videos on YouTube

You can explore YouTube videos by using keywords. For example, you want to learn logo designing. You can search on youtube for “logo designing”, and “logo designing tutorial”. And if you are from India and Pakistan and from any other country and know the Urdu language well. That I recommend the GFx Mentor YouTube channel.


Learn every day and practice it. After one and two months you feel a real change in yourself. Show your work on social media and to your senior graphic designers. List your good work in one place and make a handsome portfolio. Your best work is your portfolio that can help you to win your first job.

Start Earning

Once you can learn one skill, practice and make a good portfolio. Then you go to freelance platforms like work and Fiverr. Make your account there are apply on the job which you think you can do. Communicate with clients and understand what they say. And work according to their requirements. As a beginner starts from less amount.

Graphic Design Skills

Now you can see the important section of this article. Here we can list some important soft graphic design skills that help you to grow faster. While learning and practicing your skill, you need to also learn these soft skills. Because with hard skills, soft skills are also important.


Creativity is not a natural thing. May be someone have this skill by nature. But as a graphic designer, creativity comes to you by practicing your skill. You see other people design and made by you these designs. Practice every day on your skill and enhance your creativity.

Communication skills

In all skills, whether it is graphic designing or any other skill. Communication is an important factor. This can help you to describe yourself and your skill. Also, this can help you to communicate better with your client.

Problem Solving Skill

Another important skill is problem-solving. Not to be a service provider for your client, try to be a problem solver. Because clients are happy when you solve their problems.

Time Management

By managing your time, you build trust in your client. Your client knows that you provide services on time and can’t compromise on it.

Know How to use Tools and Software

Another important skill is to use tools. If you are a logo designer you know how to use adobe illustrator and other software and tools related to this.

Did you need a degree to be a graphic designer?

No, you need to build your portfolio and gain experience by practicing your skill. No client sees your degree when hiring you. He will see your portfolio and design skills. Also, he will impress with your soft skills.

What qualifications do you need to become a graphic designer?

You can’t need any type of qualification to become a graphic designer. A basic qualification helps you and gives you confidence in your career.

How long does it take to become a graphic designer?

It depends on you and varies from person to person. If you learn and practice daily and give help from your seniors. Then you fast learn things and grow.

Wrap Up

This is a complete guide on how to become a graphic designer. Also, explain some important soft skills and questions. If you have any other questions related to this topic please comment below. Thanks.


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