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Fashion designing is a new and emerging field. The business of fashion design increase every day. As well as people are aware of fashion design, and the area of the field is vast. But for newbies, the question is how to become a fashion designer. How does a new person start his/her career as a fashion designer? How to achieve the new goals as a fashion designer. Where do new ideas come from? Because the industry saturated. So it’s difficult to survive with old ideas of fashion.

To start a business or get a job in any field is the first thought that comes to our mind. How to start a business? and How to get a job? or How to be a success in a specific field? And more and more. But nobody knows about this. We can also try to describe these important questions. It will help you to start from the start.

How to Become a Fashion Designer

Before comes the point of becoming a fashion designer. First, we see what is fashion design. Fashion designing is a process in which someone can design clothes, shoes, and other accessories. It is not just about designing shoes, or clothes but it is a wide area of designing. You can explore many things once you land in this field of design.

Now, comes to point of becoming a fashion designer. There are two ways to work as a fashion designer. One is working from home. Means running your own brand or company in the industry. This is a hard and time taken process. The thing a new brand need is trust and it takes time. Another one depends on starting a job in any brand as a designer.

What Qualification Do You Need to Become a Fashion Designer?

There is no special course or degree in fashion design. But, now universities and colleges also think about this industry. Basic education is important for new ideas. Because a mind who well aware of people, well known what people like. And this happened only when you live between people.

A university guy knows well about trends and the likes or dislikes of people. So I recommend a basic university degree as a designer. But also recommend doing a course on fashion designing. Because there are many courses available in the market about fashion designing.

How do I start My Career in Fashion Designing?

So, here is an important question. We can explain this question step by step in many points.

Complete Your Degree

This is an important step that is always recommended to you. The study is always important to grow yourself in the market. It makes you think wide about your career. As a fashion designer, you first complete your basic degree program.

Give Experience

To start your career in fashion designing, you need a good 4 to 5 years of industry experience. Fashion designing based on people and industry. If you can’t have industry experience, if you don’t know about people’s priorities, you can’t be a good designer.

Join a Small brand, and you get a designing experience. You know what peoples like, what they choose, when and why they choose. After that, you can go for big brands to gain more experience. To get more experience in your design industry, you can work with big names. You can work with seniors. This is how you can gain fast experience which help you to become a good designer.

Fashion Business

Fashion designing is not a job or work. It is business. In this era, fashion design includes a high-class business that is generating a high income at the end of the year.

The fashion industry is not an art, it is a business, a real business. You need a lot of hard work and dedication to stand in big brands. It’s not about work or a job. It’s about you becoming a businessman in fashion design.


As a newbie, you need a good portfolio of your designs. You work hard to be a good designer. Practice your designs. Work for small firms and make designs from them and build a great portfolio. This can help you to go to big brands and work for them to gain a high-quality experience.

Industry Trends

A well-aware industry designer is a successful one. Always analyze what the industry wants and at what time, the people need it. Work according to industry trends. This is important to survive in the industry. When you make your own trustworthy brand then you can release your own trends that people love.

Is It Hard to Become a Fashion Designer?

People need to know that fashion designing is not only a skill. It is business, and very high business in the world. If you want to enter the fashion industry you can work hard to compete with a person who has years of experience.

Is Fashion Designer a Good Career?

Fashion designing is one of the high-paying skills and businesses in this era. If you set your mind to come into the fashion industry then don’t worry about the future.


The question of how to become a fashion designer is complete from my side. If you have any questions or queries related to this topic please comment below. Thanks.


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