How to Become a Content Writer with No Experience

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Anything which you write to give information to your users is writing. Others are types like content writing, copywriting, business writing, and lots more. Every type of writing has its own purpose to write. But this article is for people who going to become content writers. So today you can find the exact answer to how to become a content writer. And how to become a content writer with no experience.

Another question is important how to become a freelance writer with no experience? You can have a complete road map from no experience to experience content writer. All things are not theoretical but also practical. You know Practice makes a man perfect. So everything is best with practice and time.

How to Become a Content Writer?

If you find the answer in simple words then content writing is all over reading and writing. Understood? Don’t worry, keep reading, you can get something special in the next 2 minutes. Believes me you can.

In the next paragraphs, you read step by step guide to becoming a good content writer. But we come up with all things first for you. So when you read a complete guide your mind is clear with all things.

First of all, you can have a habit to read articles, newspapers, and books. Because a good reader is a good writer. If you develop this one habit in you, you are 50%, a content writer. Now, the next step is to write every day.

Yes, you can develop this second important habit in you because now you going to become a content writer. So to become a writer, you need to not only read but also write. If you successfully adopt these two skills in you (reading and writing). No one can stop you to become a writer. Not only a writer but a great content writer.

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Step-by-step Guide

Now, comes to step by step guide to becoming a freelance content writer. We write the 12 most important steps that help you to understand things in detail. These steps also solve your question that How to Become a Content Writer. Hope so this is going to be enough for you to earn your first $ from writing.

  1. Research
  2. Decide Niche
  3. Skills for Writing
  4. Work on your skills
  5. Tools for writing
  6. Work on Grammar
  7. Know About Writing Style
  8. Understand SEO
  9. Portfolio
  10. Find and Apply for jobs
  11. Write Samples and Market your skill
  12. Make your Network

Research before Start

The first and most important part before starting any skill is research. As you are here for content writing. So we recommend that you can read about the senior content writers. How did they start their career and what step did they adopt to be a success now?

Success is not a one-night game. You can give your full, the most important your time to achieve. That way you can do your complete research before starting content writing. Research if this field is for you or not.

Niche Selection for Content Writing

Working as a content writer for many years, believe that, one can’t write for every field. If someone is a specialist in medical writing another one may be in finance.

Same, there are many fields. And for every field, billions of words are on the internet. Everyone needs a content writer who is a specialist in their field. One who knows everything. The benefit of specialists is the result of some good content that google and users love.

So, first, you can explore your talent. You need to start from that niche. Reads about that and writes. Try to make your own blog and write more and more about that niche. This thing is most important for beginners.

Skill for Writing

Like other big skills in the market. Content writing is also a skill. You must have good knowledge and exercise to write about something. How to start, how to explain, and how to sum up. These things come into you when you’re not a good writer but also a good reader and listener.

Reading, listening, and writing. These three are the most important skills for a content writer. What do people say? What do people write? Listen and read all these things. This can improve your writing day by day.

The last one, write every day. No skip. This can help you to be better at writing.

Work on Your Skills

The same thing again, work on your skill on daily basis. Read daily about your niche and up to date about everything.

Write about your niche on daily basis. This can also make you professional in your field and in your niche.

Listen on daily basis, to other people say who are working in your niche. What your users say who is reading what you write. These things also improve your writing style.

Work on Grammar

This paragraph is special for those who are non-native. English is an international language. If you want, you’re writing read all over the world. Then you need to learn about English. How to write sentences in English. Grammar rules in writing and listening.

Basic grammar is enough for you, this can help you to read English books and newspapers. And reading helps you to write like a native.

The same thing applies if you want to write in other languages.

Tools for Writing

This is the digital era. The world becomes a global village. Everyone read things on the internet. Once need to know about something, he/she goes to the internet and searches for that thing. People write on the internet and users come to read what they need.

You must have a laptop, desktop, tablet, or mobile. Make your profile and write on it about your niche in which your specialist. Write on daily basis.

For writing, you need to learn about Microsoft word or doc on the internet. It is not tough to use.

Know about Writing Style

There are different types of writing. Every type of writing has its own style. If you going to write copywriting then there are short paragraphs. Because your purpose is different. If you write for the blog then your style is different. So you need to understand or learn about the style of writing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of Content

SEO is the most important part of content writing. If you write on the internet or for a blog. Then writing and posting is not the last thing. You need to structure your content so that your users understand everything.

SEO is simple steps to follow for ranking your article in your niche. Because there are thousands of people write in which topic you write. But if you follow SEO steps then sure your article rank on the internet.

From the first heading to the last and from the first word to the last word. You write for your users. So structure your content according to your user. Learn SEO.

Make Portfolio

If you write on your profile and on your blog. Then your profile and your blog are your portfolios. But for formality, you can write some sample articles about your niche. Make an amazing portfolio and send it to your client. Clients love well research and well-structured content.

Remember: your portfolio tells everything about your expertise.

Apply on Content Writing Jobs

You can select your niche. Read and research your niche. Write well-researched and structured articles. Make a portfolio and apply for jobs.

There are different places where you find your clients. They may be on social media, on freelance platforms, or with local clients. It’s all about your research. Check where your seniors provide most of their work.

Market Your Skill

Make your profiles on different social media platforms. Write about your niche on daily basis. People love and share your content. This can help to market you and your skill. It is also helpful to find your potential clients.

Make Your Network

To make a network, peoples make groups and pages. Also, people make accounts on telegram and make groups on it. They need to learn about that specific thing. They join your pages and groups. That’s how your network build.

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Final Thoughts

So this is a complete guide to how to become a content writer. If you are a beginner and going to start your career as a content writer. This will help you know and in future always. Share this guide with your friends and other people who they want to start. If you have any queries please comment below. Thank you.


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