How to Become a Cloud Engineer

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Here I am, with another skill for you. How to become a cloud engineer. The steps and path for you that make you a sound cloud engineer. These are the basics you follow to win your high-income job in the industry.

The architecture of cloud computing published on this blog. You can review it once. Also, find the basics of cloud computing stuff. Here you find the theme to become a cloud engineer.

Cloud Technology

The new era in information technology is start. Now things convert to cloud. Cloud is a virtual space where you can store your all data. Your files, software, applications and all data.

Cloud technology is new generation of storage. If you are using google account, then you know about google drive. You can save your data on google drive and access this data anytime, anywhere in the world on any device. The thing you need is your account credentials. This is benefit of cloud technology.

Cloud Engineering

Trend of cloud is increase. All companies now convert their data from hard drive to cloud. Because there is no worry of data erase and other thing that they face when deal with physical data derives.

The need of cloud engineers also increase in industry. Every company wants a professional cloud engineer. Who design and manage their cloud services. This is not a simple thing. One can have a master in dealing with cloud services. The person will be well aware to manage these things.

What does a Cloud Engineer Do?

Cloud engineer deal with cloud services to manage data. He will also responsible to handle to safe data. The cloud engineer knows all flaws that face during work on it. So he manage well.

Cloud engineer have all responsibilities to plan and maintain data. The person work with team and guide them to manage things. Also identify and troubleshooting the issues.

The cloud engineer build different services in a company cloud environment. He will migrate all company data to cloud. Also aware all update about cloud.

Cloud Engineer Salary

This paragraph is for motivation. To read the next, you can read this.

The salary of a cloud engineer is starting from $5k to 10K. And he will earn a heavy 6-figure amount at the end of year. As well as the experience increase, the salary also increase. This is estimate amount, the salary also depends upon the experience of a person.

How to Become a Cloud Engineer

Now comes to the main topic. Become a cloud engineer is not a big deal. Following are the few steps you follow and work on them. The more experience you gain, the more chance of high income job.

Become a Professional

The first step is to become a professional at least one cloud service. There are three major cloud services in market that all companies use.

  • AWS
  • Microsoft Azure
  • GCP or Google Cloud Platform

If you have enough time during your college degree. You can learn about all these services. But you have profession is at least one.

There are many course about these on internet. You can also give help from a mentor. The mentor helps you lot in your journey. Because they know and face all things about these services. They also give you a good advice that help you in your career.

Programming Language

You know at least one programming language. We recommend python. Because python is easy to learn and also work in area of data sciences.

You can also learn Java. You tube, U demy and other relevant blogs help you to learn these.


Your also specialize in computer related issues. You know all security issues very well. Also solve the Operating system issues and software issues.

The virtualization in one thing that is most important. As all cloud computing is based on virtualization. You know all about it. How to manage and how to handle this. Also all basic knowledge of virtualization.

You know all the storage and networking things. How to use storage and how data manage and transfer in storage. Also all basic networking related things.

Work with Small Firms

As a fresh cloud engineer, you can work with small firms. Here you build your experience as well as your resume. The portfolio is important. You work there at least one or two years and gain a good experience from your seniors. They helps you to understand things.

A Bachelor Degree

To work with big companies, the portfolio helps. But a computer science and computer relevant degree also. Because if your graduate then you prefer in every place. So you do your bachelor’s degree with your work on cloud engineering. This is also recommended.

Wrap Up Things

Now you have a complete road map. How to become a computer engineer is not a big deal. If your graduated and well aware from one cloud service. Also you have good experience on your portfolio. Then big job is for you. Start your journey today with this future and high income skill.

If you have any question about this topic then please comment below. Thank you.


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