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Want to become the CEO of your dream company? But you don’t know how to become a CEO. Hey dude! Don’t worry, here we are again with a complete guide to becoming a CEO of a company. You know, to become a chief executive of any company is not as easy as you think but if you have skills and experience. Then you will be the future CEO.

There are hundreds of question that comes to mind when you think about one profession. Like if we talk about the CEO, there are some important questions. We can answer all the important questions in this article. Read this article completely to get a sense of your profession.

What Does a CEO Do?

A CEO is a chief executive of a company. Working with the high body of a company, he will give big decisions. Chief executive officers are responsible to make big decisions for a company. That helped to make the company a brand in the industry. They are a skillful person who knows how things work in a company.

As a CEO of a company, your duty is to make the company a next-level brand. For this, you take sometimes risky steps. But work hard for the company, and you take the company to the highest peak point in the market. These are the things a chief executive does for a company.

How to Become a CEO

To become a CEO of a specific company depends upon your hard work. You also start your own company and you work as a CEO in your own company. This thing helps you to know everything that runs in a company.

But to become the CEO of your dream company you need to work day and night. Here is a guide for you, but this guide helps you when you work hard. You need to read stories of CEO, and that is how they achieve their post. In this post, you can also read the short story of Google CEO Sundar Pichai.

Complete your Education

This will be your first step. You complete your graduate and master’s degree in your area of interest. You must have a clear vision and goal. And after your intermediate education. You go for a graduate degree according to your goal. Complete your master’s program and start work for small companies.

Work for Start

In the beginning, you work in small companies and firms. Here you gain a good experience to see how company’s body structure works. Working hard for that company help you to achieve a high position in that company. This will help you to understand how things work in a company.

Start your Own Company

One idea you read above is to work in a small company as your startup. The next thing is, you can start your own company. Working for other firms and working for your own country are two different things. When you work for your own company as a CEO. The decisions you take for your company help you to understand many important things. So, if you don’t want to job for others, start your own company.

Skills Required for CEO

Some important skills that you work on them to become a CEO. First, we can make a list of these skills and then explain all of these short and simple.

Communication Skill

Communication skill is the skill that you know how to conversation. It’s not all about how you convince others. But your body language, your style, and everything related to you. For SEO of any company, it’s important that you must have good communication skills.

Problem Solving Skill

The CEO of a company faces many problems every day. The employees who work in that company are waiting for the CEO’s order, the main work is for the CEO. So as a chief executive of a company, you can have problem-solving skills. This means you can’t run away from problems, but face them and solve them.

Working with team

As a CEO of a company, there are many people who work under you. Different types of people work in a company, it’s you as a CEO who must have the skill to make them together. You know how to work with a team. And how to handle them. Working with them is a skill that helps you to solve your many problems without your asking.


Decision-making is another important skill of a CEO. Many times CEOs face problems and need for quick decisions. So CEO has the ability that give quick decisions that help the company to grow better.


Its means as the CEO of the company, you are available to your employees. You can listen to their problems and solve them with your quick problem-solving skill. Company managers help the CEO in this way. Again CEOs have a responsibility that they make managers of a company responsible.

Story of Sundar Pichai – Google CEO

In the last, we want to share with you a man from India. Yes, you think right, Sundar Pichai, current CEO of Google.

When you search about his journey, he joins google back in 2004. He joins google as a product manager. And was responsible to work on google drive, Chrome OS, and other Google client software. In 2009 he also with the developments of Google Maps and Gmail. Also, develop a Chrome book and launched it in 2012. And in the next year 2013, added Android to the list of Google. In August he selected as the next CEO of Google and in October 2015, he is the new CEO of Google.

This is a short story about Google’s CEO. And this is the best example of how to become a CEO of Google. If you want one of them, follow him. He joins google in 2004 and work hard for google and make the google brand in the market. He added many new things to google that make google a unique search engine in the market. This is how a CEO works in beginning.

You can read more from the google community about who to become CEO of Google.


This is the complete guide on how to become a CEO of your dream company. The important skills you know as CEO and also add a short story of google CEO. If you have any questions related to this topic please comment below. Thanks.


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