The Architecture of Cloud Computing – the Ultimate Guide

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Hey readers! Today in this blog article, you will read about the architecture of cloud computing. People confused about cloud computing architecture. In this article all confusions are clear.

The Architecture of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing used to store information in both small and big organizations.

People can access their data anywhere in the world that saved in the cloud.

Cloud computing is a rising technology in the world. It gives a new shape to all businesses. People can get in touch using a virtual environment.

The architecture of cloud computing divides into two parts.

  • Frontend
  • Backend

Cloud computing architecture is a combination. It is a combination of both service-oriented and event-driven architecture.

Frontend and backend communicate using networks. To understand the cloud computing architecture, the following is the diagram.

cloud architecture

Frontend Cloud Computing

Frontend refers to the side where one can access the services of cloud computing. In Frontend cloud computing, you can use browsers, tablets, and mobile devices.

The front end is the user interface. It means you can access your cloud services by using these applications.

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Backend Cloud Computing

Backend refers to the services of the cloud. The service provider itself works in the backend of the cloud. Backend manages and monitors the services that provide frontend.

It provides security to users. Also, provide resources and manage these resources.

The backend contains storage, security mechanism, and deployment model.

Components of Cloud Computing Architecture

cloud computing

The architecture of cloud computing components explains here. First see some important components of the backend.


All data of users saved in the cloud and almost all users work through it. So it’s important to save the data of users.

Cloud computing has a good security mechanism. The security in the backend secures user files, resources, and infrastructures.


Applications are that software. That a client needs and wants to access from the backend. Cloud service providers, provide the services via applications from the backend.


Different services provide to users from the backend. These services provide according to their requirements.

The major three services are SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS. Recurrent users used these services. Let’s see each one of these three in short.

Software as a Service (SAAS)

Software as a service provides the services of applications. These applications manage by services provided for their users.

Most of these applications run direct in the browser. Means no need to download them.

Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)

Infrastructure as a service means the service providers manage all infrastructure for you. They also manage the data storage. The network, and visualization.

This is the deployment model of cloud providers.

Platform as a Service (PAAS)

Platform as a service means cloud provides a platform where software is built. It is quite like SAAS.

But in SAAS no need to install the software. We can direct use them.

Here we have a platform for using software like Microsoft azure etc.


Storage is an important component in the architecture of cloud computing. It stores data on the internet. Different cloud storage provides cloud computing.

These are public, private, community, and hybrid cloud. Different types of storage use different types of people and companies.

Using this cloud storage one can access his files or data from anywhere in the world.


Management means how the service provider manages things. And apps that are provide to users.

Also refers to how components are manage in the backend of the cloud. The manager also manages the security issues and solves them to keep services better.

Internet or Network

Internet is an important medium in cloud computing architecture. Because the internet is the only medium that is used to communicate. The frontend and backend of the cloud architecture.

Client Infrastructure

You can use a browser or different applications to access cloud services. This is client infrastructure.

Client’s system where he or she can access their cloud services. Also client infrastructure. It is a frontend component of cloud computing architecture.


In this article, our main goal was to understand the architecture of cloud computing. And hope I will succeed in my job.

Remember cloud computing is the raising technology in the market. You all need to know about it.

If you go with cloud computing as a job. So, there are high-paying job opportunities in this field.


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