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A plotter is a machine used to produce large graphs or designs on hard paper. Engineers, businessmen, and other big industries use plotters to make maps and drawings. When you come to high-quality graphics design, the plotter is also used there. Plotters have many types. In this article, you can learn about types of plotters and their function. Also, all important questions come to your mind when you heard about the plotter.

This is an information technology blog. So I try my best to explain every topic in detail so my readers have no need to search for things more on the internet. The output devices explain in this blog but the plotter can’t. Today you can read it in detail.

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What is a Plotter

The plotter is an output device used in big industries and engineering works. Plotters used to make big posters like used on signboards. Also, these graphics used in construction maps, engineering drawings, and business charts.

Explanation of Plotter

People confuse between printer and plotter. Sometimes they say that both are the same things. They are right or wrong. Let’s see how they are right and how they are wrong.

The printer is a device used to give inputs from users in the form of text. Print this text and graphics on paper and output the hard form of this printed paper.

The work of the plotter is the same. But using a printer we can make small hard paper prints. But, using a plotter we can make big charts and maps. The big industries total work print on this paper in HD form. And the example of signboards is also mentioned above.

So both printer and plotter are different in function and features. Features of the plotter are more than the printer. Hope so now things are clear to go next.

Types of Plotter

The main thing that we cover in this blog is the types of plotter. But before this, it is necessary that the definition and concept of the plotter are clear in your mind. So things are easier for you.

There are many types of plotter. It is 3 or 5 or 6. But the main types are three. But, here is our goal to clear all concepts so we can cover all main types of the plotter. Here are 6 types of plotters. These 6 types of plotters used in every field.

  1. Drum Plotter
  2. Cutting Plotter
  3. Inkjet Plotter
  4. Pen Plotter
  5. Thermal Plotter
  6. Flatbed Plotter

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Drum Plotter

The drum plotter is the cylindrical surface of the plotter which is connect to pens. When the drum rotates on paper, the pen also rotates up and down. The pen draws different lines on paper that make drawings. If we use more than one pen then different colors of drawing drawn on paper.

Paper moves on a cylindrical drum and the pen moves on its axis. This means the drum moves paper and pen drawn on it. There are two types of drum plotters. Internal drum plotter and external drum plotter.

In an external drum plotter, paper wrapped up around the external part of the drum. An internal drum plotter, paper wrapped up on the internal side of the drum.

Cutting Plotter

Automated knives attached with plotters that use to cut the flat surface of the paper. The instructions given by the computer. The attached knives work according to instructions and cut the paper.

Cutting paper removes the old plotter fashion. With cutting plotter, a new innovation in the field of plotter come out. This can make the cutting work so there is fast the graphic work.

Inkjet Plotter

The second type of plotter is the inkjet plotter. Inkjet plotters used to make the best quality graphics than other plotters in the market. Different types of pen used in it. Three to four color pallets used.

An Inkjet plotter is use to spray on paper to make images on paper. So it is use to make large images and graphics. Two types of inkjet plotter models are available. One is the thermal model and the other is the piezoelectric model.

In the thermal model of the inkjet plotter, the heat used with ink to make better quality images. And in the piezoelectric model electricity used.

Pen Plotter

A Pen plotter used to make the multi-color graphics. So different kinds of pens with different colors used in them. It makes better-quality images on paper and plastic sheets.

Thermal Plotter

Thermal printers that are use in fax machines and calculators are inexpensive. It used in every field to make high-quality and better images. These are fast plotters to make low-resolution graphics.

Flatbed Plotter

As the name shows, the flatbed plotter is a flat surface plotter. This type of plotter is larger than the drum plotter. So you can make or set the size of images as you want. You can set paper or plastic on a flatbed surface and paper move to the next.

In a flatbed plotter, paper is fix and the pen moved up, down, left, and right to draw images on paper. The output size is big in comparison with the normal plotter.

Advantages of Plotter

  • Produce high-quality images.
  • Help you to make a hard copy of your design.
  • Secure delivery of the paper.
  • You have no reading problem.

Disadvantages of Plotter

  • high-cost machine.
  • Work only in right place.
  • The plotter takes up more space than the printer.
  • Expensive printing.
  • Slower than the printer.

Some Important Questions

What are the uses of plotters?

As mentioned at the start of the article, the plotter uses to produce large graphs and designs on hard paper. You can give commands using a computer which helps to make lines with different colors.

What is a plotter Class 6?

Check the definition at the start of this post.

What are the types of plotters?

In this post, we discuss six types of plotters in detail. Check above.

How many types of plotters are there?

There are many different types of plotters in the market. We discuss in this post the most used plotter in the market.

Conclusion of Post

Here is the complete and clear-cut image of the plotter and types of plotter. The explanation of the plotter is also discussed. And the most important thing is the different types of plotter explain that are use in our daily life.


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