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Hey readers! The topic of this blog post is the types of mice. As you can already read about input devices in which mouse definition and types name cover. The mouse is an important part of the computer. You all should know about its types and working.

Now in this post, you can read all about types of mice. We also cover the history of the mouse. So let’s start to cover this important topic.

History of the Computer Mouse

Ralph Benjamin a Royal Navy working officer invent an input device in 1946. This device related to the trackball. Benjamin thinks about a more efficient input device for his navy work. For this purpose roller ball invented. But this device at that time used only for the military. This means you say that this device is a military secret.

After Benjamin’s invention, a more advanced type of roller ball invented. And at least, in 1964 Douglas Engel Bart with his friend or colleague Bill English invent the mouse. This idea already is in mind Douglas and he writes all about his work in his notebook.

There is huge work of different research labs and engineers in this field. Everyone tries to make a more advanced and better type of mouse. Because we cover here types of mice. This history is enough for my user’s knowledge. If you want more history about computer mouse then please comment below.

types of mice

There are many types of mice in the market. Different mouse used for different purposes. They have their own qualities according to the mouse. This means some mouse used for gaming only and some used for office work.

Here are describe 10 types of mice and their functionalities. To read about all 10 types you can choose your mouse. And see which mouse suits you in your work.

  1. Wireless Mouse
  2. Wired Mouse
  3. Optical Mouse
  4. 3D Mouse
  5. Laser Mouse
  6. Pen/Stylus Mouse
  7. Gaming Mouse
  8. Vertical Mouse
  9. Touchpad Mouse
  10. Trackball Mouse

Wireless Mouse

wireless mouse

The first type of mouse on our list is a wireless mouse. Wireless mouse is the most used mouse in the market. Because it has no wire, you can use it without any problem. The wireless mouse connects with the system using the USB port. Different kinds of charging devices or batteries used in it for charging.

Bluetooth mouse and Radiofrequency mouse are the two types of wireless mice. The working of these two types is the same as mentioned above.

This means radiofrequency uses a signal from most of 10 meters for good speed. The drawback of these kinds of mice is they are slow down after some distance and have low battery problems. Although they are use by many peoples.

Wired Mouse

wired mouse

Like wireless mice, wired mice also have very high demand. The wired mouse has a wire and plugged attached with it. This plug helps the mouse to attach to the computer using the USB port. Here is no need for batteries and any kind of charging device required.

Wireless mouse is a standard mouse and favorite to use in office work. Because it is a direct connection with a computer system, its speed is high. Also, it is accurate compared with other types of mice. The drawback of this type of mouse is it is not used in travel.

Optical Mouse

optical mouse

The third type of mouse in the list is an optical mouse. Like wired and wireless mice, optical mouse also the most used mice in the market. The optical mouse has an LED light at the bottom that detects movement. This movement transferred to the cursor to select the target.

The drawback of this type of mouse is, it can’t work on clear surfaces like clear glass etc.

3D Mouse

3D mouse used in a virtual environment. Or you can say that this type of mouse is only made for use in virtual environments. There are different sensors used in it. These sensors help it to move 2d or 3d.

The 3d mouse help gamers in gaming. As it has many qualities so not for gamers, other peoples like designers also like it. It can vast the productivity of its users.

Laser Mouse

A laser mouse is the type of optical mouse. The working of the optical mouse is also discussed above. So laser mice work in the same process. The difference between them is light. In an optical mouse LED light used to detect movement. Here in the laser mouse, a small laser beam used.

The purpose to make a laser mouse is that it works on a clear surface also. The laser beam helps it to work on the glass surfaces also. Although the optical mouse is good if we compare both for working.

Pen/Stylus Mouse

As the name shows, a pen mouse is like a pen. The shape is the same as a pen with small buttons on it. This type of pen is best for the person who has a wrest pain problem. Also for drawing and designing passionate people.

The drawback of this mouse is it is expensive compared with other mice. The other drawback is the small buttons on it.

Gaming Mouse

gaming mouse

The next type in our list is a gaming mouse. This mouse is particular made for gaming users. The extra functionality adds to it for gamers. The size of this type of mouse is big than a regular mouse.

The gaming mouse is a tricky mouse, as it can’t for those who use it for it simple working. The person who spent his lot of time on system special for games. This mouse is for him. As mentioned the size of this mouse is big, the same as the price also.

There are extra buttons on it. The gamers gain lots of benefits from it. The lights used on it make it beautiful and different from other mice.

Vertical Mouse

The vertical mouse is also known as an ergonomic mouse in the market. This mouse is speciale made for that persons who spend their hours in work in front of the computer.

This mouse is ergonomic, which means for working hours on computer users can’t feel pain in their wrist or arm. The vertical mouse is holding like handshake way. But the same thing as this mouse is also expensive.

Ergonomic type mouse is helpful for the persons who have lot of work on the computer. Otherwise, the regular mouse is good to go.

Touchpad Mouse


Touchpad mouse used in laptops. This mouse is a flat surface and you can handle the cursor on the screen with the help of movement of your fingers. With a flat surface mouse, two buttons are also there.

Trackball Mouse

The last types of mice on our list is the trackball mouse. The mouse has a ball on his upper side. The ball will rotate with the help of the palm, fingers, and thumb. So the cursor on-screen move as the trackball move. There is no need to move the mouse as other mice move. Here is only the trackball motion required. This types of mice is also helpful for gamers and designers.

Conclusion of types of mice

These are all things that need to be clear so that you can buy best mouse for your need. All types of mice are clear. That if you are a gamer or student or office job holder. You can buy a mouse that suits you for your work. In this article, 10 types of mice discussed that are enough for you to clear your mind or your concepts about mice.


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