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Are you looking for the best keyboard that helps you in your daily work routine? A keyboard that maximizes your writing skill? That’s one increase productivity of your work? Here we explain ten different types of keyboard.

We try to explain every part and functionality of each keyboard. This guide on types of keyboard will help you in the future to choose the best keyboard for your work. In the next post, we can suggest the best keyboard for you.

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Types of Keyboard

There are different types of keyboard on the market. Some are made for specific tasks, and some are for general work. When one can skip the standard keyboard that attached to a laptop or computer. Then he/she is stuck on what type of keyboard is best for his work?

The reason to make this keyboard guide is right here. We can explain ten different types of keyboard here that help you to buy your best keyboard. So read the next lines with your focus.

Here are the ten different types of keyboard;

  1. QWERTY keyboards
  2. Gaming Keyboards
  3. Wired keyboards
  4. Wireless keyboards
  5. Mechanical keyboards
  6. Ergonomic keyboards
  7. Numeric keyboards
  8. Multimedia / Internet keyboards
  9. Flexible keyboards
  10. Virtual keyboards

QWERTY keyboards

The most common keyboards that you all use are QWERTY keyboards. These are standard keyboards. Everyone first uses these keyboards. Students learn how to type on these standard keyboards.

As you all are familiar with this keyboard. So, it’s enough introduction for the QWERTY keyboard. One thing to add here, the keyboard has the first-row Q-W-E-R-T-Y called QWERTY keyboard.

Gaming Keyboards

Are you crazy about playing games? You know the real enjoyment of games is on PC. And this enjoyment is 100 times increased when you have a gaming keyboard with you.

Gamin keyboards are only made keyboards for gaming. A special type of key is add in it to enhance productivity. These are always the best choices for gamers.

The backend lights of these keyboards help gamers to play at night. The special button that performs different actions improves game speed. These gaming keyboards are light and easy to use. Gaming keyboards are always the best choice for crazy gamers.

Wired Keyboards

Another type of keyboard is the wired keyboard. A long wire attached to it connects to the USB port of the computer and laptop. If you found the best shape wired keyboard, then it’s best for your office work.

These keyboards have all-important keys that used for general work. People who work to sit in one place go with these keyboards. In a future post, you will read about the best type of wired keyboards that suits you.

Wired keyboards are also called USB keyboards. Here two connectors, USB and PS/2 used to connect these keyboards to the machine.

Wireless Keyboards

The keyboard without wire called a wireless keyboard. These keyboards connect with the help of Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and using frequency power. The best thing about these keyboards is, that you can use them for distance.

In this era of technology, everything is going wireless. The wireless things are popular now. Everyone needs to escape wires. Because these are very sensitive and want more care. So people attract to wireless devices. This is the main reason for selling these wireless keyboards at a high range.

Mechanical Keyboards

Mechanical keyboards are the most famous keyboards in the market. Because of their voice. When you press the button, a specific type of sound released. There are springs that fit in each button of these keyboards.

Gamers and typists love to use mechanical keyboards. The sound generates from its keys makes them more passionate. The people who are typists use these keyboards to enjoy their work.

Ergonomic Keyboards

The next type of keyboard on our list is the ergonomic keyboard. These keyboards will be famous in the future because of their shape and work. Ergonomic keyboards are different in shape. And they are working from other keyboards on our list.

People who have wrist problems can use these keyboards. However, these are not made for wrist problems. But these keyboards may helpful for them. Ergonomic keyboards decrease muscle strains.

Numeric Keyboards

These keyboards are special ones with numeric keys on them. All keyboards can’t include numeric keys with them. So the best solution to this is to use numeric keyboards.

Multimedia / Internet Keyboards

Multimedia keyboards are special keyboards that have keys to control media players. These types of keyboard are made of multimedia and internet control keys. In a simple keyboard with multimedia buttons called multimedia keyboards.

This can help people working in the DJ field. They can control their gadgets with the help of these keyboard keys. Also the best choice for gamers.

Flexible Keyboards

The keyboards made with silicon are flexible keyboards. You can move these keyboards as you like. These are dust-free and waterproof keyboards.

The keys and functionality of these keyboards are the same as QWERTY keyboards. The main difference between these is flexibility.

Virtual Keyboards

The most advanced type of keyboard is the virtual keyboard. These are not physical keyboards but software.
This can be use as virtual. All keys are the same as physical or QWERTY keyboards.

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Last Words

As we start a new series of product reviews. Our primary focus is keyboards and mice. We recommend you or suggest to you the best keyboards and mice on the market.

In this guide, you can read about ten different types of keyboard. These are all important and used in different industries. All have their features.


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