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Output devices of computer are an important part of the computer to use for viewing the user’s input. Users use input devices like keyboards to give instructions to the computer. The computer processes this information. And gives output to the user using these output devices.

In this article, you read about the four important output devices of computers. You can use these devices in your daily work. So you need to be aware of these devices. What are these? and how these devices works?

There are different types of output devices of computers. Here we discuss some of them. Output devices of a computer are the following.
1. Monitor
2. Printer
3. Speaker
4. Projector

Why Output devices of Computer

It’s important to learn about our devices. Because these are essential parts of the computer in our daily use. So let’s discover each type in detail.

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The monitor is an output device of the computer. It displays user information in the form of pictures, videos, and graphics. The content display on the monitor screen.

Desktop Monitor image
Desktop Monitor image

This is a type of component of a computer. To learn about components click here.

To understand monitor we will categorize it into three main types.

CRT (cathode ray tube)

It is a type of monitor that is stands for cathode ray tube. The vacuum tube is used in it. The tube display image or video on the computer screen.

It contains one or more electronic guns. We also called it a picture tube. The RGB dots on the screen are called pixels. This RGB is called red green and blue.

These types of computers are used in commercial computers or Televisions.

LCD (liquid crystal display)

The output device stands for liquid crystal display. It is a flat-panel display screen that is used in display output.

LCD is used in TVs and computer monitors. It assumes less power than LED (which will discuss after this). It replaces older display technologies.

Millions of pixels are used in LCDs. And these pixels (as we mentioned above) are made with RGB colors. RGB means red, green, and blue.

LED (light-emitting diode)

The output device stands for light-emitting diode. It is a semiconductor device. LED emits light when an electric current passes through it.

It is majority a forward-biased device and works on the principle of electroluminescence.

Electroluminescence is the property. In which semi-conductor materials convert electrical energy into light energy.

Different types of LEDs like traditional inorganic LEDs and high brightness LEDs etc.


The printer is an output device. It displays the user input on paper in the form of graphics and text. The output is human-readable form.

Printer Image
Printer Image

The output of the printer is called a hard copy. Printer resolution measured in dots per inch (dpi).

We categorized printers into two main types.
1. Impact printer
2. Non-impact printer

We will discuss these two types with their further subtypes in detail.

Impact Printer

The direct contact between ink ribbon and paper. Form images and characters on paper by striking a mechanism called an impact printer.

There are three main types of impact printers.

Dot-Matrix Printer

It is a type of impact printer. That produces characters and illustrations. Dot-matrix does not produce high-quality output. These types of printers are expensive.

Daisy Wheel Printer

It is a type of impact printer. These are old printers, popular in the 1970s or 1980s. Now they replace by laser printers.

Line Printer

Line printer is also a type of impact printer. It prints one line of text at a time. Because of the low price, it is still in use.

Line printers are noisy but high-speed printers. They print 3000 lines per minute but cannot print graphics.

Non-Impact Printer

Non-impact printers are output devices. They print on paper without direct contact between the printing mechanism and the paper.

In present days, non-impact printers are mostly used. For example, laser printers, inkjet printers, and thermal printers, etc.

Laser Printer

Laser printers are non-impact printers. By using laser, it prints good quality printing material. These are expensive printers. And produced for office use. But now also used in the home.

Inkjet Printer

It is a type of non-impact printer. They used to produce hard copies by using ink on paper. Inkjet is less expensive than laser printers.

Thermal Printer

A thermal printer is also a type of non-impact printer. These types of printers are less costly than other types of printers. Using heat-coated thermochromic paper, known as thermal paper, the printer prints the images.

Computer Speaker

Speakers are output devices and link with computers to produce a sound. All laptop computers have a built-in speaker in them.

Computer Speakers image
Computer Speakers image

Speakers convert electromagnetic waves into sound waves. The purpose of the speaker is to produce a sound that can be heard by the listener.

There are different types of speakers by their category or by their setup.
1. Bluetooth Speakers
2. Wireless speakers
3. Sound Bars
4. Built-in speakers
5. Woofer
6. Subwoofer etc.

Wireless speaker

It is an output device. It receives audio using radiofrequency waves. Wireless speakers are loudspeakers.

Sound Bars

Soundbars are output devices and types of loudspeakers. Soundbars have two to five speakers in the main enclosure.

Bluetooth speaker

The output device receives digital audio. These speakers using Bluetooth protocols using protocols device pairs.

You can learn more in detail about computer speakers from Wikipedia.


It is an output device that reproduces images on a projector generated by a computer.

For example, we use a projector when we give presentations in the class or office. The presentation gives on a big screen of a projector so everyone in the room can see it.

There are two types of projectors that are used nowadays. These are DLP & LCD.

DLP (digital light processing)

It is a type of projector that assemble as one of three chips. One chip produces 16 million colors. So three chips produce more than 35 million colors.

LCD (liquid crystal display)

It is a type of projector or output device that reflects only certain colors of light from the mirror.

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Conclusion of output devices of computer

At the end of this blog, we say that we cover all common output devices of computer. So our concepts about output devices are clear. This will help in our exams or interview.


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