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When internal and external peripherals and components get combined, they built a computer. These peripherals and components are called computer hardware. Here we are going to see the introduction to computer. What is a computer, what types of computer, computer components and peripherals, etc? All that will be here is a single guide.

In this guide on introduction to computers, we can cover all things about computers for you. After the definition of computer. You see every basic topic of the computer. After that, we can cover all these basic topics in our future posts in detail. That helps you to clear your all basics to advanced concepts.

Introduction to Computer

There are many definitions of computers on the internet. And also in computer science books. Some are knowing and some can’t. Here we can write two famous definitions. Hope these are helpful to you for a better understanding of the computer. Let’s see!

What is the computer’s full explanation? Or Definition of Computer

A Computer is a dumb machine, which works only when it gets instructions. The algorithm of working of the computer based on the binaries calculations which are 0 & 1. The computer is used for doing work faster, easier and more capacities.

Another popular definition of a computer.
The computer is an electronic device. Operating under the control of instructions stored in its own memory.

It can accept data (input), and process the data according to specified rules. And produce information (output), and store the information for future use.

Data is a collection of unorganized facts & figures. It does not provide any further information about patterns and context. Hence data means “unstructured facts and figures”.

Information structured data i.e. organized meaningful and processed data. To process the data and convert it into information, a computer user.

So these are the most common definitions of the computer. Let’s go further to learn more about the introduction to computers.


There are different types of computers around the world, used for different purposes. Here I discuss the name of some of them and explain these types in our future posts on types of computers.

  1. Mini Computer
  2. Micro Computer (all types of PC, tablets, mobiles, laptops, etc.)
  3. Work station
  4. Mainframe Computer
  5. Super Computer


Components are hardware items that are hard, visible, and touchable. The hard components of a computer system are places under a cabinet. The components are a hard drive, microprocessor, RAM, etc.

Components of computers are an essential part of computers. Without these components, the computer is incomplete and never works properly.

We have discussed components of computers in this blog briefly.


Peripherals are those hardware items that are hard, visible, and touchable. The hard components of a computer system are used by a user. The peripherals which are usually popular like Mouse, Keyboard, Display, etc.

There are all input and output devices are include in peripherals. Input devices like keyboard, mouse, scanner, joystick, etc. And output devices like monitors, printers, speakers, etc.

Because this is our first article on this blog. So we have also discussed the input and output devices of computers. You just click and read about the input and output devices of the computer.

Applications of Computer

In this digital and information technology world, the Computer use everywhere. In every field of life, it is compulsory for someone to know about computers. From education to medicine, business, science, and industry. Computer use everywhere.

In this article of introduction to computers. We have also discussed the application of computers.


Nowadays, the use of computers is common in the education field. It is an important learning tool. Computer and the internet help students in their research papers. It helps them to explore new and exciting things.

In this era of COVID-19, the computer is the most helpful tool for students in their studies. With the help of computers, students continue their studies.

Science and Technology

Computer helps science students in every branch of science. It helps them from astronomy to zoology.

Following are some main uses of computers in the field of science.

  1. Research and Development
  2. Weather forecasting
  3. Study of Human genetics
  4. Satellite launching and controlling system
  5. Astronomical observation

In engineering and technology, the computer performs several complex tasks.

  1. Mining
  2. Designing of cars and tools
  3. Constructions of bridges and dams


In comparison to history, nowadays, the computer opens new doors of opportunity. The computer changes the way of business.

Now, computer and the internet is our partner in our business. It makes business more effective. Most of the business work doing with the help of a click of the mouse.

Medical Uses

The computer brought a revolution in the field of medicine. Primitive medical practices are doing using computers.

Following are some main uses of computers in the field of medicine.
1. Laser surgery
2. Endoscopy
3. Screening of blood
4. Ultrasonography
5. ECG and MRI


After the computer revolution in the industry. There is a big change also done in the entertainment industry. Now it has become an important tool of the entertainment industry. The computer provides us with different options to handle pictures and videos.

Computer virus

Computer viruses attack increase these days. There are hundreds of new viruses introduced every day. We must know about these to secure our system. Hackers use these viruses to breach users’ data.

Our article on 10 types of computer viruses helps you to know about computer viruses and how to avoid them.

So here is we try to see the complete introduction to computers. If you have any queries about this blog of introduction to the computer. And about anything feel free to comment below. I will reply as soon as you about your queries. Thank You


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