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In a computer system, input devices are those devices. Which we use to give instructions to the computer to do particular tasks. Input devices are also helpful to work fast. Computers understand these devices and receive data from these devices. This data or instructions are given by users.

Input devices of computers like
1. Keyboard
2. Mouse
3. Video input devices
4. Audio input devices
5. Composite input devices
6. Other input devices
We will learn more about each of them.

Keyboard input device

In a computer, the Keyboard is a primary input device. The keyboard is helpful for users to write fast and work fast. For people who are writers, the keyboard is a great invention for them.

Using keyboard keys. We put letters, numbers, or symbols according to our need to perform extra functions.

Here we see the overview of the keyboard.

Image of keyboard

The keyboard has different keys. These are performing different functions. Like function keys, typing keys, numeric keys, control keys, and navigation keys.

Function keys

These keys are f1 to f12. Using to perform different functions, sometimes alone or sometimes with the help of other keys.

Typing keys

All keys from a-z or 1-9 are typing keys. These keys are mostly used keys when we are doing work on the system.
Even the blog you are reading also writing with these keys.

Numeric keys

In some keyboards, numeric keys from 1 to 9 are separate. But in modern keyboards, only one row from 1 to 9 is use as numeric keys.

Control keys

These keys are using to control functions. The keys like Alt, Ctrl, shift, etc. are control keys.

Navigation keys

The keys like delete, insert, edit, and arrow keys are navigation keys.

Types of keyboards

There are different types of keyboards used for different purposes. These keyboards are
1. Wireless keyboard
2. Wired keyboard
3. Gaming keyboard
4. Mechanical keyboard
5. Tablet keyboard
6. Membrane keyboard


The mouse is an input device, grip in hand, and controls the cursor on the monitor screen. It is also known as a pointing device.

During work, we need to click things fast and do our work. This device helps to go forward and back in seconds. Like the keyboard, the mouse is also a great invention that helps users in their hectic work.

Mouse image

Using the mouse, we select, move, scroll and click on different folders or text on the monitor screen.

The full form of the mouse is Manually Operated User Selection Equipment.

Mouse button

There are three buttons on the mouse two are left or right and the middle button is used for scrolling.

Types of Mouse

The computer mouse has two types that are
1. Wired mouse
2. Wireless mouse

But other types of the mouse are

  1. Bluetooth mouse
  2. Trackball mouse
  3. USB mouse
  4. Laser Mouse
  5. Vertical Mouse etc.

Video-Input devices

The devices used to put audio and video on the computer are video input devices.

There are different types of video input devices that work in computers to input media.

These are media players, video gaming consoles, satellite/ cable receivers, and digital cameras.

Voice input device

The device used to input data or give instructions to the computer when we speak something.

We can say that these devices capture sound.

These devices allow users to give commands, process data, or record.

Microphones used as input devices. When we speak in a microphone it converts sound into electrical signals. And these are used to give the command to the computer.

So, another device is voice recognition. It is used to lock our devices. When we want to unlock, we just speak.

Voice recognition catches our voice and unlocks the device again.

Joystick input device

The joystick is a pointing device. It used in gaming.

A stick is used to handle the man in-game. The two buttons are also attached to the joystick.

Joystick image

Using the joystick, we draw or design something on the computer. By using a stick we control the movement of the pencil and cursor.

Scanner input devices

By showing the name, the scanner is a device that scans or reads images. It used to enter image data into a computer digitally.

Scanner image

We put the image on the scanner. The scanner scans it and converts it into digital form on the computer. Now we perform any action on that image file.

There are different types of the scanner in which
1. Photo scanner
2. Document scanner
3. Hand-held scanner
4. Drum scanner etc.

Some scanners are monochrome means black & white and some are colored scanners.

Trackball input device

The trackball is also a pointing device. It works the same as like mouse but its body can’t move.

Trackball contains a ball that displays on its top. By rolling the ball with the help of your thumb you will be moving the cursor on the computer screen.

The buttons on the trackball work the same as the working of mouse buttons.

There are different types of trackball like
1. Touch scrolling
2. Scroll ball
3. Scroll ring etc.

The bar-code reader input device

A barcode reader or scanner is also a price scanner. The bar code reader read the information contained in the bar code.

Bar code reader image

Bar code consists of bars and space. That is a machine-readable representation of characters and numerals.

There are different types of bar-code readers.
1. Pen-type reader
2. Leaser bar-code scanner
3. CCD (charge-coupled device) bar-code scanner
4. Image bar-code scanner
5. Slot scanner etc.


These 8 input types of devices that used in everyday work. There are many other input-type devices like gesture recognition, digital pen, etc.

But here we discuss the most used 8 input devices. That is used with computers.


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