How to Become a Software Developer without Degree

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Hey there! Do you want to become a software developer? Today you read another interesting topic on software development. The question in your mind about software development skills will be clear in this post. How to become a software developer without degree is one of them. Other questions are also described step by step. The process of becoming a software developer is also explained. That helps you build your career.

We start a series in which we guide you to choose your career in the IT field. In this first phase, you can see all about computer programming languages. The jobs in programming languages and related fields are high-paying. So we decide to explain all these rules first.

Who Software Developer are?

To start the article, the first thing first that needs to be clear. What is software development and who software developers are?

Software development is a computer science field or skill. In which developers build software applications. The people who build these software applications are software developers.

How to Become a Software Developer

There are two ways to become a software developer. To get admission in a university BS 4-year program after 12th. The second way is to learn this skill from a mentor and practice this skill again and again. Practice your skill again and again to make you a professional developer. You can get jobs and solve problems on your skill experience base.

Does Degree Matter to Become a Software Developer?

The short and sweet answer to this question is, NO. A degree does not matter, your expertise matter. How much are you professional in your skill. This thing is first and most important as a software developer.


Prerequisites are something that you should know before starting your career. You should have an in-depth knowledge of some programming languages. Web programming languages, python, C++, Java, and other high-level programming languages. These are important to learn.

You should know about cloud services. The amazon web services and google cloud platforms are important to learn. This is cloud era. One can who want to survive in IT industry must have deep knowledge of cloud.

The other things you should know are containers and GitHub version control tools. The GitHub allow you to store your software code on it. The reason for this action is if other developer write same code GitHub tell you that. So you can write your own unique software in market.

When you build software. You need to make it optimize for all operating systems. So your software run on all operating systems. Container helps you to optimize your software for all operating systems. Docker and Kubernetes are example of container that are famous in these days.

How to Become a Software Developer without Degree

Now we focus on our today main topic. This is become a software developer without a degree. So, you read the all process step by step.

Choose a Software Engineering Language

In prerequisites section, you read that the recommendation. That is first to learn a programming languages. Let’s you go with Java. Learn Java from basics to advance. Once you learn. You need to practice this skill again and again.

Build a real world projects in Java. Add these projects in your portfolio. Learning one skill is another thing and practical is another. In IT filed, practical is important. So you build 5 to 10 real world projects that help you to get your first job.

You can give help from GitHub. Every developer in industry do the same. The code you write for your software uploaded on GitHub profile. Your daily work in your profile optimize your profile.

You know the proper documentation of your every coding file. This will help everyone to know about the code.

Choose a Platform

Where you can learn programming language. This is important question because the base of your skill is programming language. There are different online free and paid platforms that teach you the programming.

YouTube help you to learn free. There are hundreds of channel that teach programming languages. You explore them and start learning. Other platforms like website and free U-demy courses also available.

Learn Code from other Developer and Mentor

You can also join mentor in your area. A person who are software developer and working on this skill to earn money. The person who teach you and guide you to go ahead in your skill to earn. This is my recommendation.

Join a Community

You can join online communities like stack overflow. These communities help you to learn markets trends. Also you will aware the upcoming possible updates in your skill. Update to future in your skill is very important.

Prepare for Interviews

Train yourself for interviews. Help from friends to ask you question. Practice again and again. This confidence help you to get job.

Practice and Consistency

Practice makes a man perfect. Consistency is key to success. These two sentences are golden words in IT industry.

You need daily base practice of your skill. Refine your skill. Knowing about market trends. Aware from upcoming possible updates. All these are important.

Be consistence in your work in another factor of success. If you practice and practice on daily basis, you will be master in your skill in 3 to 5 months. Things want practice and consistency and also time.


This is how to become a software developer without a degree guide. In these days, to become a developer without a degree is not tough. But its take time and practice. Also a good mentor help you a lot to earn a good income. All possible things to become a software developer write above. Please read this all with concentration. If you have any query, comment below. Thank you.


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