How to Become a Data Scientist

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Data is king in today’s era. Every company and organization wants users’ data to sell their products in the market. Every firm wants data to rank high in the industry. The need for data is increasing. As well as the job of data scientists also increases. But the question is, how to become a data scientist? What is the job of a data scientist? Is data science a good career for one? What is the salary of a data scientist? This and many other questions. You can read it all in this article. It will help you or guide you to become a good data scientist.

How to Become a Data Scientist

Becoming a data scientist is a complete process. You need to do your post-graduate degree. Then learn a diploma in data science and then go for a job. These are things that need to do after your intermediate degree. But it is not as easy as you can read this.

In the next paragraph, you can read more answers to different questions. But here I am telling you one important thing. If you can make up your mind to become a data scientist then you need to work on your math and stats skills.

What does a data scientist do?

Data scientists have great mathematical and statistical skills. The person can collect data for his company or organization. The company uses this data to improve its products according to users’ behavior.

Data can help organizations to understand their customers. What they want and what they choose. When the customer came there and when they leave. These will possible by organizing data that are possible because of data scientists.

The job of a data scientist is also to manage data. He will see all the things related to customer behavior. Also, how do customers react when reaching for their product? Also, data is helpful for companies to see if their product is helpful for people or not.

How long does it take to be a Data Scientist?

You can do your post-graduate degree in data science or computer science. After you can do a short diploma in data science. Then you can work with small firms with senior data scientists.

Things give time. To become a data scientist you need patients plus smartness and some hard work. When you understand how data works in a company and how they give benefits from that data. This is a turning point for you. Again, big things give time to be good in that.

Is it hard to become a Data Scientist?

No skill or no work is hard. You need passion or a goal for your work. The road map is simple to become a data scientist. It is not hard but gives time. You should have a complete but step-by-step plan.

When you learn how you can do something in steps then nothing is hard for you. In this stage, you want to become a scientist. You meet with your seniors in this field. They guide you on how much time it takes to reach their destiny. But things are not equal for everyone. You can go on your own route. So don’t wait and walk towards it.

Because in data science you learn many technical skills. So it may be hard for someone but not for everyone who is good at math and statistics.

How do I start a Data Science Career?

There are some steps you can follow at the beginning. When you reach a firm or organization then all things go according to your senior data scientist. Following are some beginners step to follow.

  • Do your degrees in data science, computer science, and related fields.
  • Recommend diploma in data science
  • Work with senior data scientists and give help for them
  • Work for small firms as a junior data scientist
  • After a good 2 to 5 years of experience go for big companies.

Different countries and places have different criteria. If this can’t help you. Then you need to meet with a senior data scientist in your country or city. Because that one person guides you best.

Is Python enough for data science?

Yes, Python used in big data that’s why python is enough. But in some conditions, you may learn other programming languages to survive. With python, also learn some soft and technical skills that you can learn in the next paragraphs.

Skills to become a data scientist

When it comes to skills that are important for a data scientist. Then there is a list that will follow. But don’t worry, you can learn these skills with your work.

Computer Language Skill

Programming languages are important for data science. As you read above, python is important to learn because it used in big data. Other programming languages are SQL, SAS, and R.

Communication and Programming Skills

These two skills are always important for every work on the internet or physical. The client needs a problem solver, the person who solves their problems. And you won the job when you have good communication skills. You can convince people that you have the right skill that they looking for.

Experience with Software and Data

You can work on different software or with different cloud base applications. Learn these because they are helpful for you in the future. When you tell people that you have these skills and you know to work on that software. They have more reasons to hire you because you’re best for them.

Work with seniors and with small firms. They can polish you and your skill. You can learn new things from there that will be helpful for you in big companies.

Data Scientist salary

Data scientists earn a handsome amount at the end of the month. In India, it may be from 1lac to 10lac or above. In the USA it may be from $10K t0 $1000k or above. And Australia and other countries may be different salaries with conditions. But they earn good money and it is high paying skill.

Career in data science

There is a bright future in the data science field. Everyone wants to promote their products. The organization wants to grab more users and customers. And this is possible when they have a data scientist. Because this is the job of a data scientist. So don’t think about your career and future. Do it!


This is how to become a data scientist. The complete step-by-step road map. Follow this and grab your first high-paying job. If you have any other questions or queries related to this topic. Please comment below. We will answer you as soon as possible. Thanks.


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