How to Become a Computer Programmer

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Computer programming is something interesting that we do in our life. Not everyone, but someone who interested in it. So when you enter this field, the first question that comes to your mind is, how to become a computer programmer? And if you are not in a familiar degree that the question is how to become a computer programmer without a degree.

How to become a programmer is a question that everyone has his mind. The time when you complete your matriculation or intermediate. You have enough time to learn skills. At that time you interested in programming. But don’t know where to start.

How to Become a Computer Programmer

To answer this question first thing is first, what is programming. Or you think about what is a programming language. Let’s see a simple definition of this so you can understand it better.

Computer language or a language computer understands known as a programming language.

Can you ever see the simplest definition of programming language like this? Of course No. If you are here to understand things or want the answer your question, then it’s up to me to teach you the best way. Don’t be an afraid man.

When you talk to your best friend, you can use the language that he/she understands better. It is your native language. Same, when you become a programmer, the computer is your best friend. And to talk with a computer, you must know its language. So you can work from a computer. Sounds good?

Now, comes to the main topic. You don’t have a relevant degree, in computer science, or like this. But you want to become a programmer. Don’t worry. You can learn to program and win a good job in the market. So, again, how do we learn it and win a job? Let’s break this.

How to become a computer programmer without a degree?

We can go step by step to see how things going on. And how I learn this. We will share our experience and also the industry, so it’s easy for you to go fast.

Start from scratch

The first thing that is very important is, that there is no shortcut to becoming a programmer. Or when you learn without a degree, it’s important for you to be a professional in your related skill. You know everything from basics to expert level. So when clients communicate with you, he/she can’t feel that you don’t have a relevant degree.

You must choose or pick your area of interest. In the world of programming languages, there are hundreds of languages on market. Every language builds for a specific purpose. You must know why or for what you want to learn.

Here we make things easier for you. We can see some programming languages and their purposes. And in some other articles, we can also explain every language and its purpose.

Some programming languages are for website designing.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JS (JavaScript)

HTML or hypertext markup language is for making website structure. CSS or cascading style sheet is for designing the structure and JS to add functionality to it.

Some programming languages for web development or used to handle backend or database.

  • PHP
  • SQL

PHP used to attach the front end with the database or SQL deals with the database. Other backend languages that use instead of these are Ruby, Python, etc.

Some programming languages used for software development. And same like that, every programming language has its specific purpose.

The Second Step

These are some examples. There are hundreds of languages as we say. You can define in which skill or field you want to go or to become a professional.

Once you clear your mind and pick up one specific area of interest. Now, where do you go and learn this? The same situation I face four years ago. When I have the insanity to learn to program.

My honest opinion is, join a software house. Read again. A software house that taught the skill you want to learn. This is the first thing you do after make your mind.

Third Step

It takes three or four-month for you to learn a programming language. They teach you everything from basics to master level. You need practice. Work on small projects and assignments. You become a problem solver.

How to get a job as a Programmer?

So, you choose your area of interest. You grab a teacher who teaches you everything. Now your master your skill after three to four or five months.

Now the question is how do you earn from your skill? The first thing we recommend to everyone. You can join the software house, the house you learn from it, and others. Who gives you a small project and you earn enough from it.

This is because. You polish your skill there. You learn what type of jobs and projects are there on them you work. How you deal with them. How do you deal with clients and how do you submit your project to them.

This can also help you to make a strong portfolio. What is a portfolio? This is a certificate that you can work well in your skill. And on that portfolio, you win big jobs.

Next step

Now you have industry-level experience. There are lots of choices for you to go ahead with. If you want to work solo. Then online platforms are there. Register there are provide services. Make a long-term client and enjoy your life.

You have the choice to walk with some good software house who pay you well according to your skill.

Online Certificates

Online certificates are also there but I can’t recommend you. Why? Because these are very expensive. And if you have a strong portfolio and industry experience you don’t need them.

Last Words

How to become a computer programmer without a degree is a major topic. One article is not enough to capture all things. And we can’t bore my readers to write useless things. We go state forward and tell you everything that you need regards how to become a programmer.

We know there are many questions that still need to explain. And newbies always face them. Important things we describe. If you have any questions then please comment below. We will answer it or add it to this article. Thank you.


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