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A computer is an electronic device. It has used to calculate different arithmetic and logical operations. Programs that run using specific programming languages perform tasks in computer systems. We will learn in this blog about the history of the Computer system and its Generation.

The history of the computer system and its generation is vast that it starts in the 1600s. We discuss the history of computer systems in this blog in detail with all three generations.

When about a computer system. A complete picture made in our mind. Complete picture includes all components of the computer. Components including input type of computer and also output type of computer.

History of the Computer System and its Generation

Early computers are not the same as these modern computers. Those are fair only calculating devices.

Years ago, people discover different things for the sake of calculating. Here we discuss step by step some of those devices.

Old Computing Devices

Abacus is a calculating frame that was used early in the 1640s and after. Before the Arabic numerical system, it was used in Europe, China, and Russia.

Image of Abacus
Image of Abacus

There is also the use of analytical and digital calculators in history. These are calculating devices. Which has calculated by the double-figure numbers. By adding double-figure numbers, it is easy to multiply them with each other.

The era of the 1600s, which is called the 17th century is the era of the revolution of computing devices. These devices include digital, analog, slide rules, etc.

In the 1624s or 25s, the first calculator was produced. It was a digital calculator. Which is used to adding numbers.

Image of digital Calculator
Image of digital Calculator

The idea of this calculator gives a century ago. But a Mathematician Wilhelm Schickard was producing a digital calculator. By using that old idea.

By the passage of time, many calculating or computing devices introduce. These devices produce to make calculating easy. Some calculating devices size are small. But by when the innovation in this field is fast. The functionality of devices is also increasing. So the size of that devices also big.

These big computing devices consume a lot of energy and money. And there is hard to use them. Their memory size also big. There is no concept of operating system and processor in these devices. Because these are calculating devices.

History of the name of the Computer

According to Wikipedia, the first time the word “Computer” has used in 1613. Its uses in the book of Richard Braithwait. The book’s name is ‘The young Man Gleanings’. The term computer used for Humans in the history of the computer. The men or women who carried out calculating.

After 20th century, women are often hired as a computer. Because they give less money according to their male counterparts.

Father of Modern Computer

The beginning of computing devices in the 19th century. An English mathematician Charles Babbage introduces the first computer. He designs Basics architecture of the computer of an analytical engine.

Generation of Computer

Now we talk about the Generation of computers. In the 20th century, there are many changes happen in the field of computers. For a better understanding of this revolution, we divided these changes into parts. And give the name of these parts a computer generation.

Every person or institute divides this revolution according to their own understanding. But here we divide these generations into three parts. For a better understanding of our readers.

First Generation of Computer

The era of the first generation of computers starting in 1906s. In the 1944s, a vacuum tube computer introduce. A vacuum tube computer is also called the first-generation computer. These computers are in use till the 1960s.

Image of Vacuum Tubes
Image of Vacuum Tubes

In Second World War, these computers build for the army. But after the year 1946s, computers build for everyone or in use by everyone.

These computers have thousands of vacuum tubes. These vacuum tubes use for processing.

There is no operating system concept in first-generation computers. They perform only a single task. In first-generation computers, Machine language use is a low-level language. It performs a single task and unable to do multitasking.

Second Generation of Computer

Although the first generation computers are going to 1960s. But the concept of second-generation computers is introduced in the 1947s.

Image of transistors
Image of transistors

Instead of using vacuum tubes, Transistors use in second-generation computers. The first computer which is available to use as a commercial computer built in 1951s.

The computers of this generation are fast, reliable, and small in size. As compare to vacuum tubes computer, these computers are cheaper and less power-consuming.

High programming language and assembly language used in second-generation computers. Second-generation computers are also known as transistor computers.

Hundreds of programming languages were used during the development of transistor computers. These generation computers had memory and operating system.

Third Generation of Computer

The computer of the third generation used integrated circuits inside them. In a single integrated circuit, there are many transistors used.

The concept of third-generation computers is starting in the 1965s. And still in use with a lot of different changes. The computer of the third generation is not costly. Like first and second-generation computers and more reliable.

Big Revolution in Computing

Image of modern computers
Image of modern computers

There are some big revolutions done after introducing third-generation computers.
The Microsoft Dist. Operating system MS-DOS introduce in 1980. And after one year IBM introduced the first personal computer for home and office use. After that Apple’s company introduce its devices. And in 1990 windows operating system is also introduced.

After integrated circuits that use in third-generation computers. The microprocessor still uses in modern computers.

Image of processor
Image of processor

There are thousands of transistors used in a single chip of micro-processor.

Semiconductor memories like RAM and ROM use in modern computers. This is a mixture of all types of past generations of computers.

So, here is the complete history of the computer system and its generation. In the next blog, we will learn about storage media and its types.


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