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Hey readers! Can you confuse between intranet and Internet? What is an intranet? How does the intranet work? Its history and characteristics. You are in right place.

This blog post is about what is an intranet and the characteristics of the intranet. In this article, you read all about intranet that clear your concept about this. Also, you know the difference between the internet and the intranet. More the software, the site, and its advantages and disadvantages of it.

You should have a clear concept about that question which is clear in this blog post. What are the uses and purpose of intranet in our daily life? Also if you want to know about computers and components of the computer. Then read our previous article.

What is an Intranet?

The definition of the intranet is, it is a computer network. The computer network in an organization is use to share information. For easy communication between employees. People in a company collaborate with their tools and did other computing services. You can say that it is a private network.

Intranet is a secure network. Employees in an organization share important data with each other. This data may include their passwords or usernames or important business files. In a network, all organization records shared on the intranet. All organizations today use intranet because of its security within the company.

Difference between Internet and Intranet

After reading about what is an intranet, one question raises in your mind. If data sharing using the intranet then what is the internet? So, first, you know about the difference between the internet and the intranet. Then we go to the next topics of the post.

The Internet is a public network and has no user limit. But, an intranet is a private network that uses limited users in an organization. As same, the internet is not a secure network for sharing critical information. But intranet is a secure and trusted network.

Difference between Intranet and Extranet

Now you know the difference between the internet and the intranet. So you also know how the intranet is different from the extranet. What is an extranet?

As we know, an intranet is a computer network used by the users in an organization. Same, an extranet is an intranet. The extranet is a network used both inside and outside of an organization. The extranet connects the outside employees and users with the organization. A simple, extranet gives access to third-party customers and vendors.

History of Intranet

The history of intranet in the digital world starts in the 1990s. The time when the World Wide Web started to dominate the world. Same time intranet starts to serve companies and organizations.

The intranet play a vital role in that time when technology was develop. Intranet did the HR level work to do the main functions of organizations. The booking and searching of information were also done by the intranet. The time going on in the 2000s.

The era of 2010 started. Now the intranet is consider a suit. Intranet integrates many tools, websites, and wikis to make two-way communication. Forms start to use the intranets which are use in basic information setup. Also because of provides a secure environment for conversation.

In recent years, the intranets improve a lot. Now there is more flexibility shown in the intranet network. It improves his algorithms fast which helps users to convert.

Characteristics of Intranet

There are many characteristics of an intranet. Some of them described here. After reading these characteristics of the intranets. You decide why intranet is the better choice for your businesses.

Fast communication

Using the intranets in a company. Employees communicate with each other in a safe environment. The Intranets provide a secure environment. They communicate fast with each other.

Information Sharing

In an organization, users share critical information with each other on a network. Some timeshares heavy files like databases. In this database may be employees username and password included. So intranet is the best way to secure this information. And provide fast sharing services.

User friendly

Intranet provides a user friendly interface to its users. The interface of the intranet is so easy that every user understands that interface.

Record management

The organization manages their record and files on the intranet interface. Intranet provides a better record management system to companies.

Connect employees

In an organization, the main thing is to connect employees with each other. So they share information with everyone for better work done. Intranet plays an important role to connect employees in a company with each other. The collaboration of employees. And tools with each other are important for better work.

These are the characteristics of an intranet that is important to know for everyone.

Applications of Intranet

When you discuss the applications of anything it must be the things. The things that are important about it. Here you can read about the applications of intranet. So it can cover the factors used in a network. That provides clear communication between networks.

  • Processes
  • Sales
  • Projects
  • Quality and compliance
  • Content management

You can learn about these five applications of intranet here in detail. So, let’s start.

Intranet Processes

Intranet networks always help you to provide a better plan for your office. It can tell you how you can set your office network which is helpful for you in things management. So intranet makes things easy to set the network process in an office.


Now in this digital era, the intranet also helps in selling. A company has a product that they want the sale. So they can hold meetings on the intranet network via a video call. Using this, they can reach their products to vendors and sellers.


The big problem that many companies face is the quality of their products and compliance. Intranet helps these offices to provide a better environment to their customers.


Intranet applications provide the complete scheduling and time setup. The team in a company works according to that schedule. Things can manage if the team leader works exact how the schedule is.

Content Management

Here you can see the importance of CMS. CMS is the content management system. Content management is an important thing in these days for companies. Intranet helps them to manage their content on time.

How Intranet works

After reading all that staff the question arise in mind that how intranet works. So we describe here that how to do intranet works.

Intranet hosted on a web server. All critical information saved on that server. When the server requested from the user about any file. The server accepts that request and the answer to that request. And provide the information that the user wants. A CMS (content management system) is also used as an interface.

All things are set up using CMS. Employees use that CMS to interact with servers. The authentication of CMS provides to all employees in an organization. They also use the CMS to connect with each other.

Intranet is also working as linking in a network. The linking process you say is LAN. LAN means local area network. Local area network use in an organization. The firewalls use to connect with the outside network.

Firewalls filter the file that comes into an organization and goes out. The files filter and check that there must be no unauthentic sources in files. When outside users connect with the company. Using a network then that network called an extranet.

Uses and Purpose of Intranet

Purpose means the reason for using anything. In previous topic characteristics of the intranet. We cover all purposes. If you read with ficus then you analyze that why an organization or big institutes use the intranet.

The purpose of the intranet is the communication with employees with each other. Also because they always collaborate. Sharing things fast and also connecting with one another. These things increase the productivity of an organization or company.

Good communication with each other also grows employees’ productivity. So these are the main purposes and uses of using intranet in an organization.

Can Intranet work without Internet

Yes, the intranet works without the internet. As you can read the difference between internet and intranet. It is clear that the internet uses all over the world. Everyone can access internet services from all over the world. But the intranet has some restrictions. Intranet uses limited people that are working in an organization.

What is Intranet Software

A complete setup of software in which you can work. All login information and files are manage in a good manner. Like other software, here you can’t disturb many logins. Integrating intranet in software increases the productivity of man and an organization.

What is Intranet Site

Intranet hosted on web servers. We connect the intranet using CMS. On the content management system, there is a site that hosted. All employees in an organization have access to that site. They can communicate with each other and share things on this site.

Intranet Best Practices 2022

The modern intranet is changing in comparison with the old-day intranet. The age of the internet and intranet is the same. The intranet improved a lot to serve their users a good experience.

Now users can access their workspace on mobile. Working on mobile, intranet boosts their engagement time. Employee in any place can access their workspace on mobile. No more need for a desktop or laptop.

Your intranet is up-to-date. Working on the intranet is changing internally in today’s world. That means now it’s the main thing is to post an everyday new thing. And then read it, like it, and share it with your friends. Can you get my point?

To more engage their users with the platform and community. One process is posting. Daily bases posts on the platform can boost the user’s engagement. Also, they rank that everyone engages with them.

Some examples of the intranet are a Facebook workspace and Microsoft share point. Also, Blink, Samepage, and Zoho connect are examples of the intranet.

Important Questions

Here are some important questions with answers. These are also helpful for you to better understand the intranet. The questions asked many times on different platforms on the internet.

What is an Intranet Explain.

At the start of the article. The question what is intranet described. But here we explain more.

An intranet is a private network used in offices. The purpose to use the intranet is to share private information from one node to another.

This is a secure network type that used to share information among employees in an office. Instead of offices, an intranet used in many other organizations.

What is Intranet and Internet?

An intranet is a private network used in an organization and office.

on the other hand, the collection of computers or nodes all over the world is called the internet.

Want to learn how the internet works? Comment below and we will explain this to you in another post.

What is Intranet and Extranet?

Intranet used in an office to share private information with each other. Also helps employees to communicate better.

An extranet is work the same as an intranet. The main difference is, the intranet used in an organization. But the extranet used to connect one organization with another. This is also helpful for private conversations between them.

Is Intranet LAN or WAN?

LAN means local area network. A network that used in an organization.

WAN means wide area network. A network used to connect people in an organization or out of the organization with each other.

So, Intranet is LAN. Because it used in an organization.

Conclusion of Article

This is the ultimate guide to an intranet. In this post, you can read about an intranet and about every question of an intranet. What is the intranet and the characteristics of the intranet? Also the difference between the internet and intranet. And other important questions related to an intranet.


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