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Hey reader! The question we solve today is what are the characteristics of computers. As you know all computer is an important part of one’s life. Many tasks are only done with the help of the computer. From small businesses to big organizations, every company uses a computer system.

So it is important for all to know about the features of the computer. These features of the computer ask in interviews or exams. Its importance is also because of its use at the macro level.

What are the characteristics of Computers

In the blog post, we describe all characteristics of the computer. Or computer features in detail. So let’s start to discover them. 10 features of the computer here.

  1. Storage capacity
  2. Reliability
  3. Flexibility
  4. Speed
  5. Accuracy
  6. Quick decision
  7. Diligence
  8. Versatility
  9. No feeling
  10. No IQ

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Storage Capacity

Different kinds of storage capacity computers have in them. Primary storage, secondary storage, and sometimes called internal memory and external memory.
Then these memories are again divided into more parts. Internal memory has data storage drives in which the datastore is permanent. The RAM (read only memory) in which the datastore is temporary.

We have other posts in which we describe the functions of all these memories. You can read it there. But in this post, we only discuss the characteristics of computer systems.
So the computer has a huge data storage capacity. We can million trillion data storage capacity in our computer system in these days. Also, we can store data in external storage like in pen drives, and floppy disks, etc.


The computer is the most reliable machine in the market. It programmed at the type that it gives us the data only we want from it. For example, if we input instructions for any song or movie. If that input data is in the computer memory have then it shows us that data. Otherwise it says us he can’t found the given instructions.


A computer is a flexible machine. We can use this machine as we want. As you know all and also mentioned in the start. That computer used in every field. So in every field users give different kinds of tasks from it.

Like if we can give the example of the common user. Then users can use it for movies, songs, writing, and reading different things. The blog post I write with the help of a computer. And some of you read it using a computer and mobile also a mini-computer.


When someone buys a computer system. The main thing in mind is the speed. We buy computers to do our work fast. Also, the computer is fast enough to do our hours work in minutes or seconds.

The calculation, a normal person done in 3 to 4 hours. The computer is doing in minutes or seconds. We give input to the computer and in the next moment, the computer gives us the complete data.

Not only in math, but computers are also fast in giving data that we want. For if we click on any directory or folder, the computer opens it at the speed of a blink of our eye. Also, computers are fast in data processing and manipulation of data.


Accuracy means to give 100% accurate data. The computer is the trustable machine as gives us the accurate data that we want from it. The computer is not only a speedy machine but also gives complete accuracy in speed.

An example of computer machines accuracy is the ATM machine. We enter our desired amount and the computer gives us the 100% accurate amount to us. The computer never gives the blunder. Until there is no problem with the background server or coding.

Quick Decision

The computer takes a quick decision on any user input. Like when we open the computer or start the computer system. The computer gives instructions to BIOS. Then BIOS find the operating system from internal drives and upload it for users. The same as this, the computer performs other tasks at full speed.


Diligence means never tired even for work hours or days. The computer has the power to work for days and months without feeling fatigued and tired. The speed and accuracy of computers never decrease after working for many hours. These characteristics of computers make them special in all electronic machines.

Humans tired to work for one two and three hours. But computers can’t. So because we use a computer in many complex tasks. Work done and we also no feel any tired.


A computer is a versatile machine that is capable to do different tasks. Like we can design any cards with the help of a computer. In the next moment, we also write assignments and pay our bills using the computer. Also, we manage our inventory using these electronic machines.

Doing the different types of tasks, the accuracy and speed never heart. This is the main characteristic of the computer that the speed never reduces even we do any type of work.

No feelings

The computer has no feelings. Like human-computer has no emotions thus it can’t tired and its speed can’t decrease.


As you read computer has no feelings and emotions. The same computer has no IQ. Because the computer is a dumb or electronic machine. It can’t work as well as we give the right instructions to it. So the computer works only when the user gives some instructions to it.

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Conclusion of Post

These are the 10 important characteristics of computers. These feature of the computer is important. For both student and interview prepare people.


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