Who Am I?

My name is John Rambo. I do my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. My services as a blogger and SEO guy is to provide real information to people that can help them.

I have also expertise in system (like computer or operating system) or web hacking. Although hacking is my passion but my hobby is reading books, articles and related stuff.

Because of habitual of reading of books i also good in writing on the topic which i was research a lot and understood clearly.

For past many years i am writing on Facebook on different topics but now i think because i am expert ( a little bit ) in my field computer science and information technology so why i can’t make a blog and write on that topics.

That help people to understand things.

After much thinking on that, now i build a blog Computer World and the journey is start now.

Hope, you friends learn a lot from this blog about computer and Information Technology.

And different General topics.

Good Day…!!!